10 Powerful First Date Ideas that will Enhance your Romantic Life

You should approach dating perceptively. Though you may not know it now, you may end up feeling like a fool. Do not let that beautiful woman carry your weight, it is never hers to bear in the first place.

Regardless of your gender, if you have successfully landed a date, it would be best to plan ahead and make sure nothing goes wrong, remember it is the first date and you have to make sure nothing goes wrong and you both leave your homes with happy feelings. At some point in the date you are also likely to end up kissing each other, in that case you should know the different types of kisses and which one can work for you.

Following are 10 most fun date ideas that will leave you with great memories.

1. Go to a Karaoke Club and Sing a Duet Together

Go to your local karaoke bar and pick a duet that you and your partner can sing together, perhaps even harmonize. Choose an oldie, but Goldie, something that will create memories, such as “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer or “One Way or Another” by Blondie. When you sing to each other, you will be able to open up to the innermost chambers of your hearts. Look each other in the eyes as you make those funny vocals, and never be too shy. You spice things up by drinking just enough liquor.

2. Go to a Street Fair Together

Take your date to a local street fair and wander around the booths. You do not necessarily have to buy anything. You just enjoy checking out all the vendors. Spring for tacos or an elephant ear and return home with a keepsake. You make a great souvenir from you date by getting your caricature drawn. A Street fair is all about atmosphere. Just take it as you walk and talk. This event can be particularly fun if you and your partner are people watchers.

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3. See Live Music

Go to a local bar together and see live music from great local musicians. While at the local bar, you can take a few drinks as you play 8 ball pools. You can also dance to the music together, and even make a special request for your spouse.

4. Visit a Marine Park as a Couple

Just take a tour to the marine park and enjoy the magnificent views of the ocean and its amazing creatures, there is one in New York, which you should visit if you are around there somewhere. On your way there, you can take photos, either at the top of the boat or just in the boat.

You can make more memories by diving into the water and some crazy swimming styles as your tour guide takes photos of such extraordinary events. This can also be a good and romantic moment to give each other a kiss.

5. Try a Chocolate-Themed Tryst

Do not wait for Valentine’s Day to try it. Book a bed-and-breakfast someplace where you would like to spend the weekend with your partner. Choose your spouse’s favorite chocolate truffles and wrap each in a photocopied image representing an ancient Kama Sutra stance.

It is pretty much assured that by the time that chocolate melts. Your partner will have studied the image, thoughts of the two of you engaged in that position will have flooded his or her brain.

6. Visit a Local Carnival or New Age Fair

Tour a local carnival or New Age fair for a happy-go-lucky session with a fortuneteller. Get your palms read or have your fortunes told by someone who uses the Tarot. Alternatively, you can visit an astrology booth to learn more about your relationship. You should always have fun and create memories, but do not believe everything you hear at the carnival or age fair.

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7. Tour a Museum or an Art Gallery

There are no better places to go every now and then as twosomes than a museum or an art gallery. Get to know the taste and preference of your partner by exposing him or her to the new and rare things in life. Know the history of your existence. Turn such moment to be just about the two of you. If you have some extra cash, you can go ahead and grab an artifact from a museum or a piece of art from an art gallery.

8. Hit a Local Hiking Trail

You and your spouse can enjoy working up a sweat together, by hitting a local hiking trail. If you your workdays are too long and there is no way you could do a hike in the evening before dinner; then arrange to hike on the weekends. Get out early when the air is till cool and enjoy the fresh beginning of a new day. Plan to hike along a local scenic trail.

9. Go Window-Shopping Together

A window-shopping is a good way of creating great memories. Stroll arm in arm with each other around your city, and check out the window displays. You can always pop inside a shop for a quick and closer look. Work up an appetite walking around and then stop for a slice of pizza or coffee and a pastry.

10. Go Cycling Together

Cycling is a good way to stretch your legs while enjoying the view. You and your spouse should grab some bikes and gear up for a small tour. Make sure that you take a route that will be amazing and challenging. You can bring a long a camera and take snap shots after every a few miles you cover. You can do this at around ten in the morning when the sun has slightly risen and the chill is fading away.

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