5 Reasons Why Having A Great Relationship With Your Personal Trainer Makes All The Difference

It’s more common than you think to go through several personal trainers before you find a trainer who you like. You have every right to fire your personal trainer if they aren’t up to your standards. Not only do you want to stick with a trainer who you have a good relationship with, but you also want a trainer who is solely focused on you for the hour you booked them for.

If they’re chatting up a co-worker, checking their phone, they’re uninvolved or they’re distracted while they’re training you, they’re not the right trainer for you.

You want a personal training session to be a great experience. It should be something you look forward to, and that requires you finding the right match when you’re hiring a trainer.

If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals, then you need a trainer who’s dedicated to you. You want them to pay attention, correct your form when it’s off, motivate you, encourage you, take the time to talk with you about your goals and give you advice on what you should be doing in between sessions. It’s these qualities that allow you to have a great relationship with a trainer, and a long-lasting one at that. Here are 5 reasons why having a great relationship with your personal trainer is so important:

1. They’ll make working out fun.

If the personal trainer you chose has a great energy, a positive attitude, and they’ve become your friend – they’ll make working out fun. Because of the fun relationship you have, the sessions won’t be boring, agonizing or awkward.

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You’ll feed off their uplifting energy, and you and your trainer will have interesting conversations during your session. For example, they might be telling you a funny story while you’re doing those squats and lunges, which will help the workout go by quickly – you almost won’t notice you’re working out the same way you would if you and your trainer pretty much just worked in awkward, formal silence.

2. They’ll genuinely want to see you succeed.

When you and your trainer get along, and you guys have a good relationship, your trainer will genuinely want to see you achieve your fitness goals. So, that means they’ll give you extra tips and tricks, they’ll give you advice on what you should and should not be doing in between sessions, and they’ll help you track your progress. All trainers should be doing this, but when you have a great rapport with your trainer, they’ll be going the extra mile to help you – since they’ll want success for you.

3. You won’t want to skip a session.

When you have a good relationship with your trainer, you end up respecting them – and respecting their time. This means that you won’t want to cancel a session. Also, when you’re friends with (or friendly with) your trainer, you’re excited to see them – just as you would be excited to see a friend – so you are therefore less likely to skip a session.

A great trainer will give you a heads up at the end of one session, to tell you what you’ll be doing during the next session. Again, this motivates you to make sure you don’t cancel the next session.

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4. They’ll customize your workout for you.

The best trainers are the ones that care about you and your results so much, that they take the time to remember your specific needs and customize a session for you.

Again, all trainers should be doing this, but when you have a quality relationship with your trainer, they’ll go above and beyond to customize a routine that is very tailored to your goals. It’s these trainers who you’ll want to buy more sessions from, and with this type of dedication, you won’t want to fire your personal trainer.

5. You’ll feel obliged to get results for them.

When you have developed a good, sincere relationship with your trainer, you’ll want to get results for them. You’ll feel obliged to get results to show them that they did a good job training you. This is the main reason why having a great relationship with your trainer can make all the difference and help you achieve your fitness goals.

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