A Multi-Million Dollar Hobby

For over seven decades, Breyer Model Horses have galloped into the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike. These hand-painted miniatures, meticulously crafted with an eye for detail and accuracy, transcend mere toys to become cherished companions, artistic inspirations, and valuable collectibles. 

Their journey, from a single mold in 1950 to a vibrant global phenomenon, is a fascinating tale of passion, dedication, and people’s enduring love of horses.

Humble Beginnings: The birth of a legacy.

The Breyer story begins in 1950, not with a whinny or a hoofbeat, but with the hum of machinery in a Chicago plastics factory. The Breyer Molding Company, primarily producing household items, received a curious commission: a plastic horse to adorn a mantelpiece clock for F.W. Woolworth. 

Little did they know that the #57 Western Horse would become the catalyst for a cultural curiosity.

Western Horse Breyer Model
#57 Western Horse Breyer Model

Overwhelmed by requests to purchase the horse without the clock, Breyer shifted their focus, forever changing the course of their business. From that single mold, a universe of equine beauty began to take shape. 

New breeds, disciplines, and historical figures joined the stable, each model sculpted with authenticity and hand-painted with lifelike vibrancy.  People took notice and truly loved collecting each model as they were released.

Enter Reeves International.

It wasn’t just the people taking notice, but also a well-established company, known as Reeves International, based in New Jersey, with a reputation for distributing and selling high quality toys, was interested in the small company and its huge, untapped potential.  

In 1985, Reeves International acquired the brand called Breyer Animal Creations and moved the company to its home base in the east.  This sparked a frenzy in the model horse collecting industry as Breyer stepped up its game and began to improve upon its product.

A celebration of equine majesty.

Breyer’s commitment to authenticity is legendary. Sculptors meticulously study the anatomy, movement, and individual breed characteristics, ensuring each model captures the essence of its real-life counterpart. 

From the powerful musculature of a Clydesdale to the delicate grace of an Arabian, every Breyer tells a story through its sculpted form.  

No detail has been left out and through the years, they have become extremely lifelike, from the chestnuts on the inner legs to the tri-colored eyes and even an occasional horse shoe.  

Breyer has captured the essence of each breed it creates and in turn, it has captured the hearts and passion of fans who have become serious collectors, amassing model horses that number into the thousands!

Akhal Teke, Adamek,Breyer Model Horse

The artistry extends beyond form. Painstaking hand-painting and airbrushing by equine color coat artists bring each model to life and make it “One of a Kind” or as Breyer collectors say, an OOAK. 

Quite frankly, no two are exactly alike.  From the dappled coat of a palomino to the fiery chestnut mane of a Thoroughbred, every detail is carefully rendered, transforming plastic into living, breathing art.  It’s no wonder so many collectors from young to old adore these models and collect them furiously.

Collecting Passions: From playful ponies to treasured troves.

For many, Breyer collecting begins in childhood, fueled by a love for horses and the imaginative possibilities these miniature companions offer. Playtime stables are built, stories unfold, and competitions are held, with each tiny hoofbeat echoing dreams of riding through sun-drenched fields or conquering grand prix jumps. 

It’s the next best thing to owning a real horse and that is what keeps Breyer going since it is their motto to give every girl and boy a horse of their very own. In theory, model horse collecting should be less expensive than owning a horse of your very own, but that is not the case here! 

As collectors mature, their passion evolves. Breyer models become treasured childhood keepsakes, representing cherished memories or commemorating beloved real-life horses and events.   Ask any collector and they can tell you exactly what their first Breyer model was, and chances are they probably still have it in their collection.  

The hobby itself goes way beyond just collecting and displaying the various models.  It’s almost like an uncontrollable need that truly lasts a lifetime with most fans. 

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Some hobbyists delve into the world of competitive showing, just as their real-life counterparts would, preparing their models for judged presentations and attending model horse shows. Others find joy in customization, transforming blank models into works of art through painting, sculpting, intricate tack-making, and creating dioramas.  

Still others collect congas, which is simply a collection of a favorite mold in every color that it was made in for display.  Forming a conga is no easy achievement and collectors spend a lifetime trying to acquire each colorway on a particular mold.  

Some of the molds are inexpensive, regular run models, while others could consist of a Breyerfest Raffle Horse, which is a rare release of only 25 models, making it a challenge to find and comes with a big price tag if you want to add it to your conga.  This is why many congas are incomplete because some models are hard to find and thus expensive.

With over 400 unique molds that come in various sizes, the price tag of being a collector can quickly become a staggering amount.  Breyer offers three basic sizes known as Traditional, Classic/Freedom Series, and Stablemates, with most enthusiasts collecting the first and the latter of the sizes.  

The selection is overwhelming, and each year Breyer seems to be moving at light speed, adding more and more desirable models for fans to covet and add to their collection.  

Models can range from $5 up to $1000 if purchasing through the company, however, there is such a huge second marketplace where retired models, raffle horses, limited runs, special runs, Breyerfest models, web specials, test models, and collector’s clubs can be found.  

In this market, horses can sell from a few dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on color, production number, mold desirability, rarity, and other factors that go into valuing a model.  

It is not a sport for those without a discretionary income or ability to get their hobby to pay for itself.  It can become all-consuming, causing some collectors to sit out for years and just take a break from the madness of it all! 

However, rarely do true enthusiasts stay away forever.  Gradually these magic ponies sneak their way back into your heart and your pocketbook.  I am not sure if you can truly escape them.  They are simply irresistible!

One good thing Breyer has done is diversifying their product line to appeal to collectors of all budgets and sizes by introducing the Collector’s Club where a limited number of people who are serious about collecting can join the Stablemates, Vintage, and Premiere Clubs that offer higher end, premium models done on new sculpts with new coat patterns never seen before on the regular run inventory.  

They have also introduced Collecta models for the younger kids who love to play with their horses.  Made of a hard type of rubber material, they are more durable than their plastic counterparts.  

Minnie Whinnies are tiny little replicas that are loads of fun for those who may not have much space for displaying or who love to create various scenes and dioramas with their models.  No matter your level of collecting, there is something for everyone here!

The Breyer community is as diverse as the models themselves. Online forums and social media groups buzz with passionate discussions, trades, and showcases of prized collections. Fans love seeing other collectors’ collections and displays and sharing theirs as well.  

The Breyer community is great for tips and tricks of the trade and you can find out anything you want to know just by hopping on a forum and asking your questions.  They are also a fantastic support group and people talk about their real lives, share their real horses, and talk about their models.

Breyer fans are like a big, global family where everyone understands each other and respects that this hobby is a real obsession for most.  The younger generation seems to be calmer and more collected while the older generation acts like big kids and is serious about their hobbies.  

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It is not unlike a high school click with the big kids gathering to gossip about what the younger kids are doing or complaining about Breyer not doing something right or the fact that one of their models arrived with a paint blemish, speck, or less-than-perfect specimen. It’s like a big crazy family all bickering about each other and their models, yet all held together by their shared love of collecting model horses. 

Nowhere else is this family dynamic greater felt than at the annual event held by Breyer Animal Creations for 3 days in July at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, known by all collectors and fans as the infamous Breyerfest! Since 1989, Breyerfest has been bringing together collectors from around the world for a weekend of celebration, education, and shared love for all things equine.  

It is here that the model horse collecting world comes to life with real live equine performances of the horses that inspired the current models.  Fans get to buy their favorite models and meet their beloved real life equine counterparts.  

Lexington is inundated with Breyer fans and the air is abuzz with their fiery passion.  The center of the fun takes place at the Clarion Hotel each night during the event where trading, buying, selling, and friends get together to share stories and so much more!  

It is an experience every model horse enthusiast should have at least once in their lifetime, but fair warning… once you go, you’ll somehow find yourself returning year after year!  


More Than Models: A legacy of inspiration.

Breyer’s impact extends far beyond the collector’s shelf. These miniature muses have inspired countless artists, photographers, and storytellers. 

Equine photographers use Breyers to stage elaborate scenes, capturing the drama and beauty of the horse world in miniature. Writers craft intricate narratives around their models, and artists find endless inspiration in the sculpted forms and vibrant coat colors.

Breyer models have even played a role in education, serving as anatomical teaching tools and historical ambassadors, even exploring the many exciting colors of these beautiful animals.  Special releases commemorate famous horses throughout history, from the noble steeds of medieval knights to the racing legends of the Kentucky Derby. Each model whispers a tale of the past, sparking curiosity and igniting a passion for learning.

Looking Ahead: A gallop into the future.

As Breyer enters its eighth decade, it continues to gallop forward, embracing innovation while honoring its rich heritage. New technologies, like 3D printing, may offer exciting possibilities for even greater detail and customization. 

Meanwhile, the dedication to handmade artistry and historical accuracy remains steadfast at Breyer.  They are steeped in timeless tradition while incorporating improvements that have remarkably increased the quality of the models and the hobby in leaps and bounds.

Breyer’s future is as endless as the open plains. New breeds, disciplines, and historical figures will undoubtedly join the herd, each one a testament to the enduring love for horses and the artistry that captures their spirit. 

For generations to come, Breyer Model Horses will continue to gallop through the hearts and imaginations of the child who lives in all of us.  Grandparents will pass their lifelong collections on to their grandkids who have grown up coveting them for as long as they can remember.  

Parents will keep answering their child’s request for a pony for Christmas with the next best thing, a Breyer horse of their very own! Collectors will continue to share their love and enthusiasm, reminding us of the magic that lives within the hoofbeats of a dream.  And so, the hobby will live on for generations to come and throughout the ages, withstanding the test of time and transcending all genres.

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