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Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth Latest Rankings and Complete Details
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Net Worth: $88 Million
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net worth of Cristiano Ronaldo and life style:

”Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro” Known as Cristiano Ronaldo who is currently playing for Real Madrid. He is also the one who is nominated for FIFA World Player of the year. He earns +50 Million a year. Ronaldo can be called the most popular athlete in the world . Ronaldo also known as best player of his generation. He is also one of those athlete’s who boosted their income with endorsement. Recently He signed many contracts with multinational companies and have been appearing in many adds. And when it comes to richest athlete’s his rank is 3. He was not just nominated for Ballon d’Orand FIFA World Player of the Year, he is also the very first player in history to European Golden shoe awards for four times. 2015 is a memorial year for him because in September he scored his 500th goal.

In 2009 Ronaldo was the most expensive player right after he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid. His worth was £80 Million when he was a member of Manchester United which boosted up to $120 Million after he Moved to Real Madrid.

How rich is Cristiano Ronaldo and his Activities:

According to Surveys and list of Richest Athlete’s he is the 3rd most richest athlete. His Net Worth is $280 Million his earning is $80 Million per year and with endorsement and contracts he signed with multinational companies boosted his Earnings. Ronaldo can also be listed in list of those athlete’s and celebrities who donate’s most of their earning for poor and helpless people. His activities are simple but hard to believe. His schedule for work out is very tight and strict. He been hitting gym everyday right after he moved to Spain and does 3000 sit ups a day. Although Ronaldo is one of the richest athlete but he is not like who flaunt their wealth or show off.

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Bio Data of Cristiano Ronaldo as of 2015:

  • Age: 30
  • Date of Birth: February 5, 1985
  • Source Of Wealth: Soccer
  • Salary/Winnings: $52.6 M
  • Endorsements: $27 M
  • Residence: Madrid, Spain
  • Citizenship: Portugal
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: 1
  • Agent: Jorge Mendes
  • Agency: Gestifute International

Life Style of Cristiano Ronaldo:

Ronaldo has faced harden ship the reason is simple he was born in working neighbor hood. His Father was a Gardner who died in 2008 because of kidney problems, after his Father’s Death to feed the kids his mother worked as a cook. Ronaldo was the youngest and fourth child in his family. When he started his career he was expected to be failed but he showed his skills and proved everyone wrong. Keeping all this in mind he is a celebrity now and yes he is always in media’s eye so its impossible to live a normal life. Ronaldo can be picky when it comes to his looks its not something to be surprised about when seeing a shy guy like him ending up with bracelets and other accessories such handbags,Sunglasses,belts and unique Footwear and Shoes.


Like any other Rich athlete he also have a big collection of cars not just any simple car recently he have been seen showing off with his newly bought CR7. He also have his own private garage for his car collection. He usually don’t stick with the same car for too long but it seems Ronaldo is obsessed with his Newly bought CR7.


In his garage can be seen 19 cars that worth 4.912.000 USD. The most Expensive Car he have is Bugatti Veyron, costing around 1.700.000 US Dollars. This car was used by him in a race commercial recently.

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How much he earns Annually:

Just like mentioned above his income is $80 Million annually. His Net Worth is $280 Million. Although his annually income is $80 Million but with endorsement and and contracts he has been signing several companies for advertisement as a brand ambassador boosted up.

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