15 Cute Ideas to Ask Someone to Prom

Over the last few years, asking someone to prom has become more complicated than it used to be. Unlike a few decades ago, it takes more than courage to pop the question. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come up with something absolutely spectacular to get a yes. More than often, all it takes is the help of your friends and a couple of presents.

Here are a few ideas to help you out. Bear in mind that these are not just for the prom, but can also be used for any dance.

1. Place signs on the drive home.

This can be one of the most feasible and cute ways to pop the question with a definite “yes” for an answer. You just need to find out the route she takes on her drive home, then get creative and make a few lawn signs that are readable.

The best part is you don’t have to be accompanying her in the car. You can even hold the last sign yourself to make it more meaningful.

2. Send her on a scavenger hunt.

If you want to make it fun and cute at the same time, you can set up a scavenger hunt for her. This can be arranged anywhere from around your school or neighborhood.

You just need to set up a number of notes and mention that “X marks the spot” for the final question. Then let her find her way to the last note.

3. Let the cookies do the talking.

Get in touch with a baker who can make custom cookies for you. Or even better, you can ask your mom for help and bake the cookies yourself. One cookie can be printed with the question and others can be printed with possible answers.

Take her on a creative date and have the cookies served to your table for dessert. You can also personally deliver the basket to her house.

4. Stuff her locker.

For this one, you will need to ask her friends’ help. You will have to ask them to find out the combination to her locker. Then you can decorate the locker with a few streamers and place a teddy bear holding a sign asking her to prom. This will be a great surprise when she goes to grab her books!

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5. Decorate her room.

This one requires a little creativity with some help from her parents and friends. You will have to ask permission from her parents, which is a plus because they may now feel more comfortable with you taking their daughter to prom.

Decorate her room with balloons and flowers with a giant sign asking her to prom.

6. Say it with a puzzle.

This is another fun way to pop the question. Gather a few cute pictures of both of you together and get them printed on puzzle pieces with the big question in the center. Then let her put together the puzzle to find out the question at the end. You’ll have to make sure the puzzle is not too complicated for her to solve.

7. Hire a limousine.

Hiring a prom limo can also come in handy for the big night, but you can even use this idea to pop the big question.

You can book limo services for her ride home from school and arrange all sorts of pleasantries inside like flowers and chocolates. Treat her like a queen through the ride and ask her the big question at the end.

8. Put it in a fortune cookie.

Place an order for personalized fortune cookies with the fortune: “I see you going to prom with (insert your name)”. Take her out to the Chinese restaurant and have the cookies served at your table.

9. Try it with pizza.

Everybody loves pizza. You can never go wrong with that one. Order a pizza or make one yourself with the question “Prom?” written on it in pepperonis.

Use the lid of a pizza box to write “I know this is cheesy but…” or if you’re making one yourself, you can place a sign next to the pizza bearing those words. Then, all you’ll have to do is invite her over for an unforgettable meal.

10. Make a candy card.

This can be the ‘sweetest’ prom-posal. Find out about her favorite candies from her friends and use those bars to come up with a cute little story that ends with the big question. You can give this to her on a date or simply place it in her locker.

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11. Ask with a balloon.

This can be used as a last minute idea as well because it doesn’t require too much work, and it will still be cute.

All you have to do is stuff some confetti with a note bearing the question inside the balloon before getting it filled with helium. Then write, “Pop me” on the balloon and leave it on her locker, or have it sent to her house.

12. Use delicious donuts.

Who doesn’t love donuts? Order a box of customized donuts with the letters of her name on each donut. Then write “I donut want to go to prom with anyone else” on the lid and hand it over to her with flowers.

13. Starbucks can do it for you.

This is another one of the simple and cute ways to pop the question. Take her out for coffee to Starbucks and have “Prom?” written on her favorite drink.

14. Create a flash mob.

This one requires quite a considerate amount of hard work and a fair number of people, but it’ll be totally worth it. You can ask your friends to participate and ask around to see if anyone else wants to join in.

Prepare a combination on her favorite song, something that isn’t too complicated for everyone to follow. Then pop the question at the end of the dance sequence.

15. Just ask.

Sometimes, it’s okay to be simple. Prepare a meaningful speech and just ask her. If you say the right words to make her feel special and pick the right time, you can’t go wrong. Preparing the speech beforehand and acting out the scene in front of a mirror is highly recommended.

Now that you have some cute and creative ideas it’s time to start planning! These can obviously be used for any couple dynamic. Whoever you’re asking to prom, these are the perfect ideas for you.

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