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Net Worth: $340 Million
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net Worth of Floyd Mayweather and life style:

Floyd Mayweather Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr.” is a retired Boxer . Not only that he can be called in fact also known as the best of his generation, he was not only a good fighter but he is also the one who currently holds the record of richest athlete with net worth of $400 Million. Because of his undisputed career and this feat he have achieved the record of richest Athlete that was once hold by Tiger Woods shattered by his successful career. Because of that very reason he is one of the richest and top Athlete’s.

Recently his fight with Manny Pacquiao crushed all the financial records and the fight was expected to gross more then $600 Millions. Also mayweather can be called undisputed champion after his streak of 48-0 . He has won 12 world Titles and lineal championship in in 4 different Weight classes.

How Rich is Floyd Mayweather What are his Activities:

According to celebrity net worth Floyd Mayweather worth is $400 Million . And his salary per fight is $100 Million. The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation empowers and encourages community alliances, impacts youth leadership and strengthens family foundations through community development, entrepreneurship, and education resulting in a healthier community.

Bio Data of Floyd Mayweather:

  1. Date of Birth: He was Born in February 24, 1977  Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.
  2. Age: He is about 38 Years old.
  3. Nationality: He is an American .
  4. Full Name: Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr.
  5. Martial Status: Single
  6. Children: None
  7. Residence: He is currently residing in Grand Rapids although he have many places that he can live in .
  8. Education: Mayweather Attended Ottawa high School and later Dropped out.
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Life Style of Floyd Mayweather:

His Life Style is very Luxurious he is also fond of cars and properties he have several places he has bought and also many cars. He is a Professional but retired Boxer but he is still sticking to his schedule when it comes to work out . May weather is one of the athlete’s who goes through hellish Workout . Below is Floyd Mayweather house.

Floyd is very obsessed with cash and also he has a habit of showing it off, another habit of his is shopping. He always carries a Ziploc Bag with lots of cash for shopping. Floyd is one of those who flaunt or show off his wealth, he also is one of the few and craziest car collectors and currently owns a car $4.8 Million worth.

Floyd Mayweather residenceJust like we mentioned above that Floyd is one of those kids of individual who show offs his wealth and also fond of cars he recently bought new car worth $4.8 Million.  $4,800,000.00 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita supercar  KOENIGSEGG Is An ULTRA Boutique Automobile Manufacturer For The Super Rich. And on top of that there are only two cars of this kind in world.

He is obsessed with money there’s no doubt about that we have been telling about his again and gain but what’s there is to be surprised about when you comes to know that he also have single bank account with $128 Million in it. He is also crazy when it comes to shopping and he always travel with ziploc bags. He owns two fleets of luxury cars including a $290,000 Bentley.

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Floyd Mayweather carsHe spent most of his time after work outs with his acquaintances and family but also because he is fond of shopping and cars he is likely to be seen having ride on his luxury cars and his favorite is bentley .

He also have his private jet plane which he uses for whenever he wants to go anywhere else.

Floyd Mayweather cars collectionHow much Floyed Mayweather Earns annually or per match: 

He is an athlete so there’s no monthly income its based on how many matches he fought in . Currently his salary per match is $100 Million and his earns $400 Million per year which breaks all the records including the one Tiger woods holds in 2008 . He is top and one of the richest athlete’s and considered to be best of his generation.

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