How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System?

An age-old question for many cannabis consumers has been, how long does weed stay in my system? There are several different answers to this question, and no one answer is right or wrong. Cannabis has many different types and slang names. Weed, herb, ganja, kind, Kush, dro, but one name that nobody who ever smokes pot calls this plant is marijuana.

Typically people who use the M-word (marijuana/marihuana) are relatively new or entirely new to what many see as a thriving business sector. As more and more countries legalize the use of cannabis, there comes a need to educate people about staying healthy.

How Long Does Weed stay in the System of an Athlete: The Short Answer

The short answer for how long does weed stay in my blood is anywhere on an average of between 10 to 30 days. Many different factors determine how long cannabis will stay in your order. Let’s take a look at what determines how long weed stays in blood, urine, saliva or hair follicles of an athlete.

The More You Consume, The Longer It Lingers

Just like if you sit in a room blazing joints all day, the smell will linger all day and even into the next, and in an essence, cannabis will do the same in your body. The more you consume, the longer it takes for your body to clean out typically. When it comes to how long it will take for cannabis to leave your system, there are a few different aspects that come into play. Here are a few.

1. Dosage

The dosage of cannabis that consumers utilize varies from consumer-to-consumer. Someone could only be smoking a puff or two at night of a 10 to 14% THC strain of cannabis, or they could be smoking 3 grams of 80% THC cannabis concentrates throughout the day. Obviously, this will affect how long cannabis stays in their system.

2. Body Weight

Body weight is another contributing factor. THC attaches itself to fat cells. This means that typically the more you weigh, the longer it takes for cannabis to get out of your system.

3. Amount of Consumption

Chronic cannabis consumers who have high tolerances and consume large amounts of cannabis, over long periods of time may experience cannabis in their system for several months after quitting entirely. This is because when cannabis has saturated all of the available fatty tissues in your body it heads to the last place for fatty tissue, the brain.  When THC is saturated into the fatty tissues surrounding the brain it can show up in urine tests for several months after the consumer has stopped using cannabis.

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The process of eliminating the compounds from Cannabis in the tissues lining the brain is a much longer one than that of removing them from fatty tissues in say, the stomach. If you only smoke every once in a while and it’s a small amount it’s a pretty safe bet that your system will be clean within 10 to 30 days.

It also depends on the type of drug testing used to determine if cannabis is present in your body.

How Long Will Weed Show Up for On Drug Tests

There are four basic drug tests utilized by medical professionals. Each one is able to determine whether or not a person has THC in their system.

How long does weed stays in your system
  • Hair Follicle TestsReports indicate that cannabis consumption is detectable by hair follicle test up to 90 days after consuming. However, other reports indicate that hair follicle testing can reveal any drugs consumed by an individual throughout their lifespan.
  • Saliva Tests– Chronic or heavy cannabis consumers can expect weed to show up in a saliva test for up to 30 days. The occasional consumer has a much shorter window averaging 1-3 days.
  • Urine Tests – You can expect cannabis to remain detectable via urine test for 10 to 30 days.
  • Blood TestsCannabis is said to be able to be detected for an average of one to two days with blood testing but in certain circumstances has been detected for as long as 25 days after consumption.

How Long Does It Take Weed to Get Completely Out of My System

Getting weed entirely out of your system isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. There are substances on the market that will mask or attempt to conceal cannabis in your system.

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They, however, will not remove it entirely. Depending on your body weight and the amount of cannabis you consume you can expect it to take anywhere from 10 to 30 days for you to effectively pass the standard urine test for cannabis detection. To effectively remove cannabis from your system, you must stop consuming it. Each time you consume it is like starting over from scratch for the detoxification process.

What Makes Weed Stay in My System

Some people wonder why weed stays in their system so long. Drugs like cocaine are out of your system in a couple of days. Weed unfortunately sticks around for what seems like forever.

The reason weed stays in your system so long is because cannabis is a fat-soluble substance. Cannabinoids bind to fat cells. This makes it difficult to remove them from the body quickly.  The more you consume and the more you weigh, the longer it will take to remove cannabinoids from your body.

How Can I Get Weed Out of My System Faster

If you’re looking to clear your system of cannabis to pass a drug test or just for personal gratification there are some steps you can take to speed up the process.

  • Stay away from eating fatty foods during the time you’re looking to detoxify your body from cannabinoids.
  • Drink lots of water but don’t overconsume your H2O.
  • Eat healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains.
  • Exercise is another way to help effectively remove cannabis from your system. However, it is advised not to exercise for a couple of days before taking a drug test for cannabis. The reason is, the spike in your metabolism from exercising could pull out cannabinoids from deep within fat cells stored in your body.

So when it comes to the question, how long does weed stay in my system, the answer is it depends. It depends on how much you consume, how often, the type of test being utilized, and various other factors.

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    It actually depends on how long you’ve been smoking weed and how much you smoke on a daily baises and if you smoked everyday because I was in jail for 3-4 months one time and when I got out I went to get a job a couldn’t past the UA for the job but come September I will have been smoking for 50yrs everyday and back when I was younger I smoked very heavily so it just depends on you’re situation

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