Jackie Chan Net Worth

Jackie Chan Net Worth Latest Rankings and Complete Details
Full Name:

Chan Kong-Sang

Birth Place:


Date of Birth:

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong


Hong Kong




Actor, Director, Producer, Singer and Martial Artist

Source of wealth:

Actor, Director, Producer, Singer and Martial Artist


5 feet

Marital Status:


Net Worth: $350 Million
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Jackie Chan net worth is $350 million as he is the world known action hero of Hong Kong’s film industry. He is the master of the physical humor so his stunts and his art of physical humor make him unique in the industry. He becomes a role model for kids because he featured in so many action games, and uncountable block buster movies.

A part from acting he also serves the industry as producer, director, screen writer and singer which is so helpful for him to increase the net worth of the artist. He started off his career as an actor and starred in blockbuster movie Hand Of Death.. Later, he appeared in various hit films like Rush Hour, Drunken Master, The Cannonball Run, The Young Master, Dragon Lord and many more.

Jackie Chan House

Jackie Chan is living a luxurious life in his Beverly Hills Mansion worth of 3 Million dollars in 1998. He also has his personal jet named LEGACY 650 with his personal logo featuring yellow and red colors of China’s flag. He also has Luxurious cars like Bentley Mulsanne and Sabru Impreza Evo with upgraded body.

How Much Rich Jackie Chan Is And What Are His Activities?

Jackie Chan is one of the wealthiest celebrities of American film industry, who had nominated for several awards and also won countless awards for his remarkable work he did for the industry. He is such a generous person so he takes interests in conservation, animal healing, disaster relief and he also announced the donation of his half assets on death.

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Jackie Chan Car

He does charity also and supports many of famous charity foundations such as Kids Wish Network, World Smile Foundation and Dragon’s Heart Charity. He also founded his own Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation in 1988 to provide aid to the youth of Hong Kong.

Bio Data Of Jackie Chan:

  • Full Name:His full name is Chan Kong-Sang.
  • Date Of Birth:He was born on 7th April 1954.
  • Birth Place: He was born in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.
  • Nationality: He has a nationality of Hong Kong.
  • Marital Status: He is married.
  • Height: His height is 5 feet in 1.74 meter.
  • Occupation: He is actor, director, producer, singer and martial artist.
  • Zodiac Sign:His zodiac sign is Aries.
  • Ethnicity:His ethnicity is Chinese.
  • Weight: His weight is 160 lbs or 72 kg.
  • Children:He has 1 child named Jaycee Chan.

Jackie Chan Jet

Jackie Chan Relationship and Lifestyle:

Jackie Chan married to the Taiwanese actress “Lin Feng-Chiao” in some years back and living a happily married life with his wife and they have a male child named Jaycee Chan. The whole family is living the luxurious life together.

How Much Jackie Chan Earns Yearly?

Jackie Chan net worth is $350 million, while he earned $50 million in 2015.

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