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Net Worth: $69.6 Billion
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net Worth of Jeff Bezos and his Lifestyle:

Jeffery Pretson Jorgensen is the full name of Jeff Bezos.  He is a technology entrepreneur and also an investor also. He has played a great role in the growth of e-commerce  as he is a founder and CEO of Amazon .com. By you can do shopping online of a wide variety of products. Jeff has been one of the most enthusiastic people who would go to any length to make things work, it is for his hard work, enthusiasm and passion that he ended up creating such a huge company.

Jeff has rightly said,

One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you.

How rich he is and what are his activities?

The Net worth of Jeff Bezos is US$ 50.3 Billion. He is an American Businessman, founder, president, CEO, and chairman of The name is a multinational e-commerce company which is selling DVDs, CDs, MP3, books, downloads, computer software, video games, electronics, clothes, furniture, food and toys .He donated approx. US$10 million to create a Centre For Innovation.

Bio Data of Jeff Bezos:

  • Full name: his full name is Jefery Preston Jorgensen.
  • Date of Birth: he was born on 12 January, 1964.
  • Birth place: he was born in New Mexico, US.
  • Nationality: American
  • Position: Founder, CEO, and Chairman of
  • Salary: US $ 81,850.
  • Source of wealth: his source of wealth is Internet Retailing (Amazon)
  • Occupation: he is an Internet entrepreneur.
  • Marital Status: he is married, her spouse name is Mackenzie Bezos and he married to her in 1993. He met her while working at Shaw. She is graduated from Princeton and she is a fiction writer. She wrote a book which is named as The Testing of Luther Alrbright.
  • Children: he has four children.
  • Education: Princeton University, River Oaks. Elementary School, Miami.
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Lifestyle of Jeff Bezos:

He is a billionaire and he invested his money in making his property too. He has a three linked apartment in the Century. He has a beautiful Medina Mansion in Washington. The living area of the mansion is increased from 13,200 sq ft to 29,000 sq ft. The Mansion is located near the Lake Washington.

Jeff Bezos house

He has another mansion named as Beverly Hills Mansion, which is located on 930N Alpine drive. This mansion is spread over 12,000 sq ft. It has a gym, swimming pool, tennis court and a separate guesthouse as well.

He loves to read about science fiction and space travelling. So he decided to make his own company Blue Origin to promote space travelling.

He loves to drive his car Chevrolet Blazer in his free time, not only that but he possess 1996 Honda Accord as well. He loves this car as it has awesome and fascinating characteristics. And he made a trip in this car from New York to Seattle.

Jeff Bezos Car

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