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Net Worth: $120 Million
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net Worth of Kevin Durant:

”Kevin Wayne Durant” known as Kevin Durant is American Professional Basketball Player and is one of the best currently playing for Oklahama Thunders and the main reason that today Oklahoma Thunders is the 2nd Best team in NBA. His estimated Net Worth according many sources is $60 Million, he signed many long term endorsement plans for advertisement with several multinational Companies. According to his dead with Nike for 7 years he earns $7 Million per year. The total sum of his earning through endorsement is $35 Million. This will be the last year for his contract that he signed with Oklahoma Thunders in 2010 for $85 Million. Recently he again signed another long term deal with Nike for 10 years worth $300 Million.

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Kevin Durant’s Life Style:

He is also one of the most Successful and richest Athlete and also have luxurious and flashy life style. When it comes to his out looks and fashioned he is quite flashy and concerned about his looks. Kevin is top Scoring NBA player and one of the best of his generation. He also have interest in cars and have quite expensive one in his collection and his favorite one is Ferrari California 2. Durant bought properties in Oklahoma, he also own a restaurant. He is fan of video games and whenever he have free time he plays them. Durant is quite religious he have tattoos on his body and he goes to chapel before every game.

In 2013 Durant Donated $1 Million for American Red Cross to help the victims of Moore Tornado. Durant is also known as the nicest guy in the NBA, he is quite famous and have many fans all over the world he is also known for his generosity and that’s the main reason he is respected by many other professional Basketball players and celebrities.

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Bio Data Of Kevin Durant as of 2015:

  • Age: 27
  • Date Of Birth: September 29, 1988
  • Source of Wealth: Basketball
  • Salary/Winnings: $19.1 Million
  • Endorsements: $35 Million
  • Residence: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Citizen Ship: United States
  • Martial Status: Single
  • Agent: Ron Perez
  • Education: The University of Texas at Austin

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How Rich is Kevin Durant:

Kevin Durant is one of the richest Athlete in world. His net worth is $60 Million which is expected to be boost up after his contract with Oklahoma Thunder ends, by the end of this year he will be free agent again and he already singed more long terms endorsement plans with multinational companies such as Nike and several others. His yearly salary currently is $19.1 Million and with endorsement plans he signed for the total sum of his earnings per year is $54.2 Million.

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Kevin Durant Activities:

Just like mentioned above that he singed long term endorsement plans with several multinational companies so his schedule is quite tight when it comes to his daily life. Kevin is once of the best scorer to be marked in history of Basketball and he is quite famous even among celebrities and fans. And he is hard to been seen in one place because of his activities, he is quite busy because of his career and those plans he signed for. Also by the end of this year his contract with Oklahoma is going to end and his earnings are going to be boosting up because of that very reason, He is quite famous for his unique game play and one of the best so he have many offers.

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