Lamar Odom Net Worth

Net worth of Lamar Odom and his Lifestyle:

Lama Joseph Odom is an American professional basketball player. Currently he is a free agent. His childhood is quite rough and he is raised only by his grandmother. He has talent from his school life to play basketball. In the National Basketball Association he is the member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

How rich is Lamar Odom and what are his activities?

The net worth of Lamar Odom is $50 million. He is a basketball player in the NBA. He is voted twicely as the Champion of the year. He is the first player in the history as he wins both an NBA championship and FIBA gold in the same year.

Bio Data of Lamar Odom:

  1. Full name: the full name of Lamar Odom is Lamar Joseph Odom.
  2. Date of Birth: he was born on November 6, 1979 in New York.
  3. Age: he is about 35 years.
  4. Height: height of Lamar Odom is 6 ft 10 inches.
  5. Weight: its weight is about 104kg or 230 lb.
  6. Nationality: he has a nationality of America.
  7. College: he studied from Rhode Island.
  8. Marital status: he is divorced now, but he married to Khloe Kardashian in 2009.
  9. Children: he has 2 children from his ex-girlfriend.

Lifestyle of Lamar Odom:

Due to his rough childhood, now he always tries to live a luxurious life as he is one of the richest persons in the world.  He is living in a Tarzan hose with his wife. The house is situated on 3/4th acres. The only living area which is covering from home theatre is about 8,000 square feet. The house has 7 bedrooms, a den array of bathrooms, amusement park with waterfalls, swimming pool, spa and an outdoor kitchen also. The beautiful house is designed by Mediterranean architect.

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lamar odom home house

He also has a spacious double storied home in Florida. The house has open green spaces with palm trees, pathway lightings and a swimming pool. But when he moved to California he put his house for rent about $17,000 per month.

lamar odom car rolls ryce

He has  a very luxurious and fascinating white Rolls Royce Drophead coupe. The car has sexy machine and this car is gifted by his wife to him in 2010. The roof of the car is operated electronically and the car has electronic gadgets as well.

How much he earns annually?

He signed a 2 year contract of $1,456,722 with the New York Knicks. His average annual salary is about $728 361.

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