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LeBron James Net Worth Latest Rankings and Complete Details
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Net Worth: $275 Million
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net Wroth of LeBron James:

”LeBron Raymone James” known as LeBron James is an american Professional Basketball player currently playing for Cleveland Cavaliers. James annual salary is $20.8 Million and his Net worth is $375 Million which has been earned by playing Basket Ball and endorsement plans he have signed for. However James only signed shorter deals and he is expected to be free agent again in 2016. He is quite flashy and savvy when it comes to flaunting his wealth recently many picture of him with his friends can be seen with the cars they were riding. And those were all expensive and sports cars, all the cars that can be seen is part of his collections.


LeBron James Life Style:

James earns twice as his salary through endorsement plans he signed for and invested in and the total sum of his earnings by endorsement is $44 Million. He is the second Athlete to earn that much through these contracts. James can be called the most dominant athlete at the court, he ears $20.8 Million that is his NBA Salary but he ears the real money off the court just like mentioned above about his endorsement plans. According to many celebrities James is very smart in financial matters, he himself is a businessman and currently sponsoring Liverpool Fc Soccer Team.


LeBron James Activities:

Despite being rich and having interest in cars like any other rich athlete or celebrities James have very private life. He is most likely to be seen with his family after winning a match or celebrating something. He is also obsessed with cars recently pictures of his Porsche’s have been posted when he was comparing his Dwyane Wade car. He also have a collection of luxurious cars. James own 35,000-square-foot compound in Akron. He is also quite loving and caring man, recently he bought $300,000 for his fiance Sanannah Brinson both of them are have been in love with each other when they were in high school, and they have two kids together. James is not just the most dominant player on the court he is also famous for his unique game play style. He is known to be the best player of his generation not just that he can also be called the most popular Basketball player around the world.

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Bio Data of LeBron James as of 2015:

  • Age: 30
  • Date Of Birth: December 30, 1984
  • Source Of Wealth: Basketball
  • Salary/Winnings: $20.8 M
  • Endorsements: $44 M
  • Residence: Akron, OH
  • Citizenship: United States
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 3
  • Agent: Rich Paul
  • Agency: Klutch Sports


How much LeBron James earns annually:

James salary is $20.8 annually and with his endorsement plans it boosted up to $64.8 Millions. His Net Worth is $375 Million. He is known as the most dominant athlete. Just like mentioned above tha the signed shorter deal and because of that very reason he will be free agent once again in 2016 his salary and endorsement plans earning are going to boost up. According to many trusted sources his salary in 2016 will be $26 Million.

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