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Manny Pacquiao Net Worth Latest Rankings and Complete Details
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Net Worth: $24 Million
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net Worth of Manny Pacquiao and Life Style:

Manny EmmanuelMannyDapidran Pacquiao” Can be considered the second best boxer of his generation after Floyd Mayweather and also he is the second richest athlete and he also shattered the record of athlete’s earning unlike other professionals like Tiger Woods, who once hold the record of earning $114 Million. Currently Manny’s net worth is $160 Million and his salary per match his higher then of Floyd that is $145 Million.

And also Manny Boosted his earning by endorsement and signing contracts with multi international companies such as Nike, Foot Locker and other handful in Philippines.

How Rich is Manny Pacquiano and his activities:

According to trusted surveys Manny can be considered as the second richest Athlete’s. His net worth is $160 Million. Manny also been involved in basket ball , singing and acting. He was elected to the Philippine House of Representatives. He is also the very first Eight Division World champion in which he has won 10 titles. He also holds many titles and was considered the fighter of the decade in 2000’s by (BWAA)  Boxing Writers Association of America , (WBC) World Boxing Council & (WBO) World Boxing Organization.

Bio Data of Manny Pacquiao:

  1. Full Name: Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao
  2. Born: December 17, 1978
  3. Age: 36
  4. Stance: Southpaw
  5. Source Of Wealth: Boxing
  6. Salary/Winnings: $148 M
  7. Endorsements: $12 M
  8. Residence: General Santos City, South Cotabato, Philippines
  9. Nationality: Philippines
  10. Marital Status: Married
  11. Children: 5

Life Style of Manny Pacquiao:

He had rough life and some bad experience in life right after his parents separated after his father was found living with another woman. Manny was in Sixth Grade that time and was the fourth son in his family. In 2000 Manny married Jinkee Jamora. And he have 5 children with his wife. Currently he resided in his home town of general Santos city, but as a congress man of lone district of sarangai he is officially residing in kiamba the home town of his wife.

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Manny has been sidelined for the rest of year because of his Shoulder injury. Despite having Billions of Dollars in his pockets, Manny can be marked in T0p 20 Celebrities in car collectors his favorite car type is SUV. And he can also be considered one of the few athlete’s who gave their share of income as charity. He donates a share of his income in Philippines as a way of showing respect to his roots.

Manny Pacquiao residenceManny also have interest in helicopters and have a collection of his own, it can be said that like his rival Floyd Mayweather, he is also not shy to flaunt his wealth. Although he has such a big collection of cars and been ranked in top 20 car collectors in celebrities, but you won’t find a single selfie post of him posing with his cars as he keep s a low profile when it comes to showing off. But his life style is very luxurious and also very private.


Manny Pacquiao car

As for helicopter his picture with Bell 206 Chopper that he owns and is part of his collection can be seen . He uses his chopper only in Philippines to move to somewhere else in city or just for sight seeing .


Manny Pacquiao car collectionHow much he earns Annually:

His net worth according to Celebrity status is $160  Million and his salary per fight/win is $148 Million he is also knows as fighter of decade and he boosted his income through endorsement and that is up to $12 Million.

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