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Net Worth: $57.3 Billion
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net Worth of Mark Zuckerberg and his Lifestyle:

Mark Zuckerberg, is the co-founder of the most famous social media “Facebook”. He is a computer programmer and an Internet entrepreneur. He is among the list of the richest people all around the world. He is also one of the technology billionaires.

How rich he is and what are his activities?

The net worth of Mark Zuckerberg at this time is estimated about 42.7 billion dollars of U.S. After google Facebook is the most visited site. His salary in 2013 year from Facebook is about 1000$. He is the man of the hour and Time person of the year. He donated roughly estimated about 1 billion dollars for the charitable purposes.

Bio data of Mark Zuckerberg:

  • Full Name: his full name is Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.
  • Date of birth: he was born on 14th May, 1984.
  • Age: he is about 31 years old.
  • Source of wealth: his source of wealth is Facebook.
  • Residence: he resided in Palo Alto, CA.
  • Citizenship: he is a citizen of the United States.
  • Parent’s Name: he is a son of Mr. Edward Zuckerberg and Miss. Karen Zuckerberg.
  • Education: drop out of Harvard university
  • Marital Status: he is married to Priscilla Chan on May 19, 2012. She is his long time colleague. His wedding ceremonies were arranged in his home in Palo Alto, California. She is Chinese American.

Lifestyle of Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark Zuckerberg is very talented since his childhood. He programmed and creating games at a very young. Due to his effort since his childhood, now he is a Billionaire in the field of computer programming. He is one of youngest billionaire among all the billionaires of the world. He made his first property that he owns a house in Palo Alto. This house is just on a drive of 10 minutes from the Facebook’s new headquarters. This new headquarter is in Melno Park. The house is situated on an area of 51617 sq ft in the posh area of California. He purchased this house in $7 million dollars. The house has 5 bedrooms, spacious porch, saltwater pool, and a large kitchen. The house is designed elegantly.

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Mark Zuckerberg house

The founder of Facebook has his own private jet. He spent about $700,000 of his wealth to buy this jet.

Mark Zuckerberg has one of the luxurious cars named as the Acura TSX. The car has luxury features and its price is around 30, 000$.

Mark Zuckerberg car

He visited Vietnam and Hawaii on vacations. He also visited Italy on his honeymoon with his wife.

He has founded the Start up Education foundation. He donated his wealth on many other charitable purposes as well. He also donated 500 million dollars for  the Silicon Valley Foundation. Along with Bill Gates and Mr. Buffet, Mark Zucjerberg also donated a large amount of his wealth to The giving Pledge.

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