15 Most Beautiful Treehouses in the World

We all have dreamt of living in a treehouse since childhood. It is still a dream for many, and why should it not be?

It feels so soothing spending a night on a tree amidst a picturesque view of nature; especially, when you have a loved one along with you to share a moment you have waited all your life.

A treehouse offers a different experience of staying than those boring typical hotel accommodations. Today, when we are grown ups and can afford living in one, it should be the best pick.

To help you on that, we have got you the 15 best treehouses from around the world to ensure an unforgettable stay and a cozy night sleep.

1. Castle Treehouse in Canada

Castle Treehouse is the world’s tallest treehouse in the captivated of British Columbia, Canada. Located 32 km to the west of Revelstoke, the three-story treehouse looks as it just comes straight out from a fairy tale.

It is an ideal stay for a family to spend an adventurous weekend in an old dense forest. It is traditionally designed with interiors that ensure a comfortable stay and a cozy night sleep.

The spiral staircase that connects each story of the dwelling looks so dreamy and fascinating. You can also explore a giant cedar stump house, a castle and dungeons located close by.

Here is a video

Treehouse and Other Activities.

2. Treehouse M in China

Treehouse M is a spectacular treehouse surrounded by a dense forest of Qiyum Mountain, China. Designed by LanD Studio to provide intimacy between splendid scenery of the hilly region, it is the best treehouse for couples looking for a romantic getaway.

Its intricate exterior is designed using traditional Chinese design with modern interpretation. Its interior features a big luxury living room, bedroom, bathroom and a dining corner.

The treeshouse is just perfect for couples to make forever memories between tranquil surroundings and musical sounds of forest.  Each element creates an ambiance for the couples to involve with each other.

3. The Bird’s Nest, Sweden

You must stop at the Bird’s Nest, Sweden. It is a gigantic bird nest-shaped pod perched on a tree amid dense forest. You enter the beautiful bird nest using the retractable staircase.

It is one of the most unconventional retreats in the world for a family of four (two adults and two kids). Its 17m² interior space has two separate bedrooms, toilets, and a living area. Showers and sauna for the guests are located in two separate buildings close by.

There you can also have free access to WiFi. The treehouse is also near to Lule River valley Taiga forest, Moose Safari and White Water Rafting, so you could as well go there and have fun.

4. Treehouse Point, USA

The tree house point is one mesmerizing tree house located 30 minutes from Seattle along the raging river. This is one romantic getaway that is suitable for tour wedding, engagements and anniversary celebrations.

Tree house point has arrangements for guided tree house tours, lodgings, weddings and meetings. This is one tree house where you can disconnect from technology and enjoy a stress free stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life in the lap of nature.

You need to make an advance appointment in case you are planning to visit this particular tree house since the management does not disturb any ongoing events which might be taking place inside the property.

5. Free Spirit Spheres Treehouse, Canada

The epitome of luxury among treeshouses –  Free Spirit Spheres along the coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island, British Columbia in Canada has three unique spherical treehouses named Eryn, Melody and Luna which are masterpieces carved out of sitka spruce and fiberglass. Where Eryn can accommodate 3 people Melody and Luna can accommodate 2.

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All three treehouses follow a basic design of 5 windows. These treehouses come with electric heaters and a breathtaking view of the surroundings with ample of cedar and maple trees in the vicinity creating a soothing, natural ecosystem where you can spend days and weeks with an option of listening to your favorite music via your digital devices played through the built in speakers.

Creativity of artists, musicians and writers flows naturally once they enter into one of these treehouses with arrangements to brew their own tea and coffee.

6. Twig Hut human nest, USA

A literal human nest is something you should expect when you enter the Twig Hut Human Nest. Live like a bird while being exposed to the elements of nature. It is about 275 miles north of Los Angeles. The nest has been hand made by Jayson Fann a Twigitecture artist.  

This particular treehouse has space only for two people. People below 18 years are not allowed into the nest since wildlife like raccoons, bats and field mice might give you company once it gets dark. You need to take your own blankets and pillows.

Reaching the campsite 2 hours before it gets dark is strongly recommended. This is an adventure of a lifetime and needs to be on the bucket list of die hard adventure travelers. 

7. Oceanfront treehouse hotel, Mexico

A cozy treehouse with a breathtaking view of the ocean with all the comforts and luxuries of modern day life is something that defines Oceanfront treehouse hotel in Mexico.

Carved out of bamboo this treehouse has has been shaped into a cylindrical hut like structure with a number of windows for fresh air to keep flowing while you mediate or lock yourself in one of your favorite yoga poses during sunset or sunrise.

Elevated at a height of 6 feet amidst palm trees this treehouse ensures comfort and coziness for a family with a king size bed and an extra bed on request. Ample of lighting and well kept paths to the treehouse make it quite appealing and romantic for a quick getaway.

8. Treehouse at Keemala Resort, Thailand

Better creativity and liberty is what you are going to attain once you decide to stay in the Treehouse at Keemala Resort in Thailand offering you a private pool with a upper level master bedroom and a large lounge and dining area which are located on the lower level.

You have the most luxurious villas at your disposal with 2 floors all to yourself. These villas are elevated from the ground and feature suspended furniture and cocoon like beds and loungers. The treehouse offers rainforest and resort views and come with a spacious bathroom and monsoon shower.

A standalone tub allows you to relax your nerves in your private villa which has a size of 169 square meters.

9. Treehouse Les Ormes, France

When you have a big group of people traveling who eats together sleeps together and live together then Treehouse Les Ormes is the best bet.

You have the liberty to choose from a myriad of treehouses located on this property. Les Ormes has treehouses that can host up to 12 people. Kids above the age of 2 years are welcome. Their prices start from € 195. The treehouses are accessible via spiral staircases and range from a height of 4 meters to 9 meters.

The treehouses rest party on oak trees and party on stilts. These are the most genuine treehouses since you are going to have the feeling of a living entity – a tree when you are inside one of these treehouses.

10. Flying Saucer

Living like the aliens live is what you are going to experience while staying the flying saucer. This is something you might have only seen in the movies. Shaped like a UFO, perched among trees deep down into the woods.

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A staircase takes you up into the dream treehouse with a spacious 2 floor room themed with star constellations.

The windows are round in shape and give you an opportunity to stare back at the earth for that last moment before you are ready to take off for an unknown planet in your saucer shaped UFO that is going to be your home for a few days or week in Sweden.

11. Beehive Treehouse

The beehive treehouse is a classic single treehouse in Washington State. Perched at a height of 25 feet with great artwork this treehouse is accessible via a spiral staircase. 

Honeycomb shaped windows add to the feeling of staying in a beehive once you are inside this treehouse. The interiors of the treehouse are soothing to the human soul. The treehouse gels well with the surroundings and give an impression of a large beehive from a distance. 

The ambiance and calmness of the environment is such that at times you might hear yourself breathing. Sunlight from the forest illuminates the beehive treehouse in a myriad of colors owing to the colorful windows.

12. Rumah Pohon treehouse, Bali

Rumah Pohon Treehouse in Bali is the best stay for people looking for adventure not for luxury comfort. You will really enjoy the little trekking to reach the stunning treehouse.

It is situated high above the ground with coastal rocks around, and offering uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean. There are not so many amenities inside, just a cozy space to have a slumber sleep in the lap of nature. Just in case if you want good food, there is a small café on the ground.

You can also have access to shared bathroom nearby. It is just a perfect place to be clicked with for your Instagram profile.

13. La Piantata, Italy

Situated among lavender fields, the two treehouses in La Piantata, Italy are really one of a kind, and undoubtedly awesome to revive your exhausted soul. It is an 18th century farmhouse, gives guests a chance to relax in old rural Italy, away from the city’s hustle.

Both the treehouses (Black Cabin and Suite Bleue) feature a terrace, from where you can have the view of striking, light purple lavender fields. You can also enjoy champagne, wine and other beverages from the minibars accommodated in both the treehouses.

The most amazing is the meal that they deliver right to your treehouse hotel via a pulley system.

14. Lion Sands Kingston Treehouse, South Africa

Located in the dense forest of South Africa, the Lion Sands Kingston treehouse is an amazing venue for celebrating a big life event like weddings or birthdays amid dazzling views of the African landscape.

It is a must go place for people looking for a thrill in life, since there you can safely witness lions, leopard, hyenas, and impalas. You can also sleep under a starry sky or just have undisturbed views of African mountains from a transparent treehouse shed.

The treehouse is also nearby to the famous Kruger National Park and Sabi Sand Game reserve.

15. Treehouse Hotel in Devon, UK

What would be more exciting than spending a night over a 250-year-old tree? Yes, you can actually experience it at Fox & Hounds Country Hotel in Devon, UK.

Accessed through a wooden staircase, it is the most unique treehouse perched six meters above the ground on the sturdy branches of a 250-year old tree.

Inside this luxury treehouse you have all the comforts of modern amenities needed for a comfortable stay. Its interiors feature a king-sized bedroom, kid’s bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a lounge area. There is also a spacious terrace outside.

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