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Net Worth: $375 Million
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net Worth of Phil Mickelson:

”Philip Alfred Mickelson” known as Phil Mickelson is Professional American Golfer the only one who won three out of four professional Majors. Phil Net Worth currently is $180 Million and he is one of the richest athlete in world. Phil is one of the best Golfers he is the only golfer who did hold his position for almost 700 Weeks in top 10 Official world golf ranking. He was ranked 2nd several times in world golf ranking.


Phil Mickelson Life Style:

In 2010 Phil was diagnosed with disease and for his treatment drugs were used and then he signed a deal to promote psoriatic arthritis drug Enbrel for it to be used in medical treatment and spreading awareness. Its hard to believe that some one can be this successful just by hitting a tiny little ball again and again to pot it in hole. Mickelson is quite caring and loving guy he was also ready to leave his career when his wife was fighting with breast cancer.

He was always willing to leave it for the sake of her wife and to be able to live with her across the country. He skipped many practices just to be with his wife and kids and attended almost every event for them. Just to attend his daughter’s middle school graduation ceremony he skipped practice at the U.S. Open at Merion. Although he is one of the richest athlete he is living quite simple life and according to him he says he is not judgmental.

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Bio Data Of Phil Mickelson:

  • Name: Philip Alfred Mickelson
  • Age: 45
  • Date Of Birth: June 16, 1970
  • Source Of Wealth: Golf
  • Salary/Winnings: $2.8 Million
  • Endorsements: $48 Million
  • Residence: Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  • Citizenship: United States
  • Martial Status: Married
  • Children: 3
  • Agent: Steve Loy
  • Agency: Lagardère Unlimited
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Arizona State University

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Phil Mickelson Activities:

Phil personal life is quite private and simple but when it comes to activities. He is currently appearing in ads because of endorsement plans he have signed for and all of endorsement plans he signed for are for long term, phil is one of those athlete’s and celebrities who boosted up their earnings with these plans. He earns $48 Million per year because of these plans. So he is quite busy attending events and doing ads and attending practices. As for other activities he is most likely to be seen with his family spending time together. Despite being one of the richest athlete’s his life style is quite simple and phil himself is quite unfashionable and recently in interview he said he is not judgmental and is happy the way he is living.


How Much Phil Mickelson Earns Annually:

His Net worth is $180 like mentioned above. he earns $2.8 Million and annually and because of his long term endorsement plans his total sum of annual income is $50.8 Million.

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