35 Questions to Ask a Girl you like on a Date

If there’s a girl in your life you get to take out on a date, you want to make sure she will be equally as interested in you. Questions to ask a girl should include things that will make her feel special. Things that will allow her to open up to you which will gain her trust. The elements of having someone fall for you consist of a few things and trust is one of them. While you use these suggested questions to ask a girl, make sure you keep eye contact to show your interest and support. Smile back as she answers and give positive feedback. You will be creating a bond between the two of you as she opens up. This also avoids any awkward moments you may have potentially had. While some of these questions to ask a girl you like may seem bold, it’s well worth it and scientifically proven to bring two people closer together.

What Questions to Ask a Girl on Your Date

These questions allow you to get into the head of the girl you like. She feels good because she gets to answer things about herself to someone who obviously cares about her. They make her feel special as well as make her think about things. Some of the questions to ask a girl you like will allow her to conclude that the night was magic. The power of questions allow her to feel so many things and still empower her because she openly offered to answer them.

1. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

When you ask a girl this question, you show her you want to know her deeper side. It may also indicate to her that you care about what she wants.

2. What is the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever given someone?

You get an insight into her thoughts and this begins to open her sensitive side up to you.

3. Favorite ice cream?

This is one of the playful questions to ask a girl you like. If you can make her smile, this is great for your chances.

4. Who do you look up to most in your life?

This is one of the deep questions to ask a girl you like. You may want to ask a few questions that lead up to this one as you’re really asking her to open her heart and soul to you.

5. Do you have nicknames?

Another one of the cute questions to ask a girl that will let her slowly open up to you.


6. How many siblings do you have?

Asking questions about her family is a good one to let her know you’re interested in the important people in her life.

7. Morning person or a night owl?

This is one of the general questions to ask a girl that gets you to a more intimate level of her life. You’re asking about her life habits essentially, one of the important personal aspects.

8. What do your parents do for a living?

Again, focusing on some questions to ask a girl about her family will let her see you care about what matters to her.

9. What are 2 items on your bucket list?

This is one of those deeper questions that allows her to open up about her dreams. This invokes good feelings in her which she relates back to you.

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10. Have you ever kept a New Year’s resolution?

Asking her about her resolutions is one of the good opening questions.


11. Where is your happy place?

One of the deeper questions to ask a girl you like. This is asking her essentially to open up a secret space in her that likely nobody knows about. She’ll feel good that she can share this part of herself with you.

12. What dish are you best at making?

This question implies at a deep level that you want to do domestic things with her which is opening up the suggestion of something deeper happening between you two.

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13. When’s your birthday?

The simple question of when she was born should definitely be asked. If you’re interested in her, you should want to know when she was born.

14. Dogs or cats?

A good question to allow her to give her opinion.

15. Do you think it’s the little things or grand gestures that count?

Asking this question implies that you want to know what kind of gestures they will like, this offers a prelude to your thoughtfulness in a relationship.


16. Have you left the country?

A question like this opens up her mind to possibilities she may not have considered before or it allows her to tell you about her adventures.

17. What fact about you surprises people the most?

This is a great question to get into her psyche and she will value that from you. You are reminding her that she is special and kind of mysterious too.

18. What do you do for work?

One of the essential questions to ask a girl you like at the most fundamental level. In our society, it’s a pretty important aspect of a person. While it’s not always the most interesting answer, you should ask it.

19. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Spontaneity is always going to make her smile. When she looks back at a time she was spontaneous, it may invoke those feelings in her. This is when she could potentially look across the table at you and think about being spontaneous with you.

20. If you could travel back to any one point in your life, what would it be?

This is just a nice question that will invoke really good feelings in her. She is letting you into a perfect moment of her life and internally, she will associate that with you.


21. Tell me your fondest family tradition?

To ask questions to a girl about her family will always show your care for her. When you ask about the traditions her family has, it translates to her wondering if you will fit into her family dynamics.

22. What was your favorite toy when you were little?

You’re opening her up to her childhood memories which is always a good thing. Again, she will associate good memories to you.

23. What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

You open her memory up to a part of her life where she learned a valuable lesson. Questions to ask a girl that opens up her past positive memories will create association to you.

24. What do you feel people take for granted most often?

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This question allows her to open up about her disappointments and as you listen intently, she begins to find trust in you.

25. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Another childhood invoking memory coupled with a question about her dreams. This is a double whammy of getting her to open up and feel special.


26. What was something that recently moved you?

You are asking her to talk about her emotions which is both scary and beautiful at the same time. You may be giving her butterflies with questions like these which is good for your success to win her heart.

27. If you had a superpower what would it be?

A cute question that will bring things down to a light and fluffy level if you’ve been hitting her with some heart opening questions.

28. What are you most passionate about?

This is one of the big questions to ask a girl to invoke passion within her. It shows your desire to want to know her deeply.

29. What is your greatest strength?

When you ask questions to a girl of this nature, you’re lifting her spirits. You are also letting her know subconsciously that you want to learn more about her. This is so much more effective than just telling her you like her.

30. When did you last sing out loud to yourself or even to somebody else?

A question like this will bring out a fun memory for her, it will get her smiling and laughing. Every moment you can make her feel good is a moment she will remember with you.


31. What would be your perfect day?

Questions for a girl that allow her to freely tell you her feelings are great heart openers. Asking her about her perfect day gives an impression that these are things you want to make happen for her.

32. Is there something that you really want to do but haven’t yet?

It’s likely nobody has ever asked her this question and perhaps she’s never thought about it. When you investigate the deepest parts of her life, you are offering support and inspiration. You will be looking like the perfect potential partner.

33. What do you value in a friendship?

This question lets her know that you care about the people she surrounds herself with.

34. If you were died today, what would you most regret not having someone someone? What’s the reason you’re holding back right now?

This is one of the heavier questions to ask a girl that really opens up a piece of her heart. It may be difficult for her to open up to you so you will want to be careful as to when you ask the question. If she is resistant, you can open up to her by answering the question. The subject is heavy but it will bring the two of you closer together as she confides in you.

35. How important is love and affection to you?

Asking her this question lets her know that this is important to you. You’ll have her opening up about love and affection which will open her eyes up to the possibility of that with you.


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