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Roger Federer Net Worth Latest Rankings and Complete Details
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Net Worth: $68 Million
Last Updated On:January 20, 2017
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Net Worth of Roger Federer and lifestyle:

The richest Tennis Player Roger Federer is one of the best in the world. The only player to hold records of most win in Singles Grand Slam 17 and prize money of $90 Million. Well he can be called the richest but his endorsement plans are shocking and biggest currently he is having long term relationship with multinational companies with those plans. he is being payed payed $40 Millions annually by those sponsors. Because of his unique style and game play he is known as the greatest Tennis player of his times. He was ranked and listed in Top 10 in 2002.


Roger currently holds the record of defending his position of World No 1 for 302 weeks and his winning in Grand Slam Singles 17 winnings. He was given a title of  Laureus World Sportsman of the Year for his consecutive winnings and defensive play. He is well known for his speed and style of play. He was not just best in speed but his accuracy and defense is reason why he is known as the best of his times.

How rich is Roger Federer and activities:

Roger Source of income is Federer he is also known as the best player of his generation. He earn $9 Million annually but with endorsement plans of his its boosted up to $67 Million which breaks records of any other athlete having boosting their earning with endorsement plans. Also his sponsorship plans with Mercedes Benz is extended for more 3 years. Roger is also known to take part in charities and helping disable and poor children and helping them getting education and with that he is also promoting sports by luring them to play various sports and encouraging them through his Roger Federer Foundation which was founded and established in 2003 by Roger himself. Roger is the classiest guy you can ever met in fact he is a living proof that nice guys do exist in this world.

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Bio Data of Roger Federer:

Age: 34

Date Of Birth: 8 August 1981

Source Of Wealth: Tennis

Salary/Winnings: $9

MEndorsements: $58 M

Residence: Bottmingen,

SwitzerlandCitizenship: SwitzerlandMarital

Status: MarriedChildren:

4Agent: Tony Godsick

Agency: TEAM8

Life Style of Roger Federer:

The Tennis Star Known as Roger Federer currently reside in Switzerland with his family. And because of his traveling habit, he is most likely to be seen with his wife and daughters somewhere while traveling. He have quite a luxurious life style recently he bought properties in several places and he is known to have most expensive house when it comes to Tennis Stars.


His favorite place to visit is Rome and his favorite Food is Italian. And he is most likely to there in holidays. And he is not that open when it comes to his privacy. He is well known and most respected player for his behavior and the respect he give to other fellow players. He also have a private jet which he uses to travel around the world or when it comes to having a match in another country or city.

How much he earns annually:

Just like mentioned about his yearly income is $9 Millions and with endorsement plans of his its boosted up to $67 Million. His Net Worth is $300 Million which is also because of his popularity and unique fluid game play.



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