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A simple way to distinguish oneself from the competition is to write a thank you email immediately after the interview. “Thank you,” are two simple words that are of great significance when used accordingly. However, the underlying truth is that most people never really take the time to make the effort of sending a thank you email.

Most candidates believe that they had no further chance at the position they were seeking; therefore, they did not feel it indispensable to go to the trouble of sending a thank you email. This is not a common excuse, but the worst mistake most candidates make, day-in day-out. According to a human resource consultant, approximately 20% of job seekers send a thank you after a job interview.

Therefore, it is a constant source of wonder to job providers that a large number of candidates never follow up to see if they got the job. Recent graduates and even mid-level job seekers are under the follow-up illusion that it is the employer’s responsibility to reach out to them. Statistically, only half of the job seekers send thank you emails, while a bigger percentage of executives say that a thank you email influences their hiring decision.

Why a Thank You Email?

According to Accountemps survey, 87% of hiring executives see thank you emails as the most suitable way to give an expression of appreciation after a job interview. The following are the most important reasons as to why you need to send a thank you email.

  • Follow Up After an Interview Keeps Your Candidacy Alive

Do not make the mistake of putting too much faith and control in the interviewer’s hands. You should not believe that if you are the best candidate; then the interviewer will automatically remember you and keep you in the loop regarding the selection process. It is imperative that you remind prospective employers of your interest in the position and thank you email is just the perfect way to do it.

  • A Thank You Email Reconnects You With Employers
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In most situations, you will find yourself to be one of the many candidates being interviewed for a given job post. Sending a thank you email allows you to build a relationship with the employer and develop a rapport. The moment you express appreciation for the job interview and outline the highlights of the meeting; is the moment you remind the employers why you are an appropriate fit amid you and the organization.

  • You Get The Opportunity to Address Points You Had Neglected

In most cases, candidates regret not having addressed some specific issues while they were still in the interview room. A thank you letter provides you with the opportunity of addressing such issues. Rather than labeling such events as liabilities, you can turn them into assets by discussing the points you had failed to address during the interview. In addition, you can remind the prospective employer of your ability to produce similar results for his or her organization.

The Basic & Most Essential Components of a Thank You Email

  • The employer’s name
  • The title of the available job post
  • Important items discussed during the interview
  • Your interest and desire in the open job post
  • Your acknowledgment of the following stages in the employment process
  • Your gratitude for the valuable time
  • And your contact details.

How to Write Sample Thank You Email

{Your Name}


{Phone Number}

{Email Address}


{Employer’s Name}

{Employer’s Rank}

{Name of the Company}



Dear {name of employer}

Thank you for the opportunity to visit {name of the company} for an on-site interview yesterday. I enjoyed meeting you and appreciated the tour of your operation and the opportunity to learn about the existing {developments you observed} being made at {name of the company}.

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As I mentioned to you yesterday, I know that I have the refining knowledge along with an understanding of what goes on in your organization. The learning curve I will face in joining {name of the company} will be in mastering the details of the interaction of each of the products/ technologies.

My visit armor-plated my interest and assured me that my internship/ entry-level job/ mid-level job with {name of the company} would enable me to contribute immediately to your design efforts. My work at {name of your university or previous company} on the {name of project} is particularly applicable to some of the projects being handled at your organization.

{Name of employer}, I am eager to receive an offer from {name of the company} for the entry-level/ mid-level/ internship position. In case you have any inquiries or need further information from me, please contact me.

Best regards,

{Your name}.

 In conclusion

Job hunting is a methodology that begins with creating an impeccable CV covering your education, skillset, past experiences and should ideally end with a thank you email to your interviewer. Immediacy is the key to sending a thank you email. You are advised to send a thank you email within 24 hours of a job interview. Doing so helps you remain top of mind with the hiring manager. The thank you email establishes two-way communication and is critical to creating a rapport with the employer.

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