Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in the World

The 12 most beautiful women in the world for this year are not just a pretty faces. They encompass femininity while still being strong. They are cute, popular and incredibly successful from all walks of life. Some came from successful families, while others were self made.

This list is subjective and we have only limited spots, so we can’t list all the beautiful women out there.

Check out our list of the top 12 most beautiful women from around the world.

1. Duckie Thot

Duckie Thot

She is young, she is new, however she is promising. Duckie Thot born on 23 October 1995 is an Australian model who finished 3rd on the eighth cycle of Australia’s Next Top Model.

Her family – South Sudanese refugees in Australia raised Duckie in Melbourne. Duckie is proud of her South Sudanese roots and acknowledges them on social media. Duckie had a failed career as a model in Melbourne and flew to New York where her beauty was acknowledged and she was able to model for for Fenty x Puma, Fenty Beauty, Moschino, Balmain, and Oscar de la Renta. Duckie has debuted in the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

2. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone most beautiful girl

She is not only one of the most beautiful woman in the world, but also one of the best paid Bollywood actresses. She is considered both beautiful and stylish in her home country of India.

Not only does she have a stunning smile, but she’s a busy savvy lady also. With her endorsements with many products such as Tissot, Vogue seeing eye glasses and Pepsi to name a few. Everyone wants this beauty representing their brand.

3. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

The multi talented Fan Bingbing is one of the most beautiful woman in the world Fan was born on 16 September 1981. She is a Chinese actress, model, television producer and an accomplished singer. Fan has been recognized on the TIME magazine’s list of one –hundred influential people of 2017.

Fan is a fashion icon worldwide and showcases the Chinese culture and dressing sense whenever she gets a chance to do so. She was ranked on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed list of 2015 and 2016.

Fan’s popularity rose when she was cast in a supporting role as Jin Suo in the first two seasons of the Chinese television series My Fair Princess. Before that Fan was a struggling actress in the Chinese film industry. Today Fan is one of the most beautiful and versatile actress with international fame.

4. Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel beautiful girl

Candice was born in 1988 and is  South African. She is most known for being one of  the angel of Victoria’s Secret. She sits top on the list for her thick golden blond tendrils and perfect 10 body.

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It’s unanimous too because she was also 10th on the highest earning models of last year according to Forbes. FHM and Maxim also included her their lists.

5. Taylor Swift

taylor swift most beautiful woman

This American born stunner is not only beautiful on the inside, but on the outside as well. She has successfully branded herself to be one of the most loved ladies in show biz.

She expresses her personal experiences in songs that all girls and women can identify with. She is also extremely giving to her fans.

Her accomplishments are many including seven Grammy Awards. Her song writing has also been honoured by many of the top song writing associations such as Nashville Songwriters and the Songwriters.

She has also had 130 million of her singles downloaded, making her one of the top five artists with the biggest sales. The nice things about Taylor is her success lies with so many things, not just her obvious beauty. She’s a great roel model for females and her inner beauty emanates outwards.

6. Katherine Elizabeth Upton

Katherine Elizabeth Upton most beautiful woman

Born in Michigan, this American beauty hit the scene fast. Kate Upton really is one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Vivacious curves and stunning eyes make this Sports Illustrated model stand out in a crowd. She was named the sexiest woman on the planet by People.

Branded as a modern fashion model with curves that kill, she sits high on many lists for cutest and most beautiful. Kate knew from a young age that modelling was her calling, she was right.

7. Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley most beautiful woman

Most noted for her role in “Divergent”, this young star is breaking through the Hollywood scene fast and hard.

She is considered the face of the future and the new definition of beauty. She has also received quite a few rewards for the short amount of time she’s been on the scene.

Awards from the Sundance festival for her independent films as well as a Golden Globe nomination. This young star is just beginning and you can expect to see much more from her in the future.

8. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron most beautiful woman

This South African born beauty was an only child and was raised on a farm. She is Afrikaner (Dutch, German and French).

The 40 year old actress stumbled into fame and a series of events lead her to making it in Hollywood. Thanks to the support from her mom (after having to give up the dream of being a ballerina), Charlize got on a one way flight to LA.

She struggled in the beginning and it was the manager at the motel she stayed at that offered to be her manager. A star was born. She now manages an African Outreach Program and is one of the most successful ladies in Hollywood.

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9. Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario most beautiful woman

Alexandra Anna Daddario is a 29 year old American born actress and model. She blew fans away as the daughter of “The Rock” Johnson’s daughter in the film San Andreas.

No longer a co-star, she is making her name known while showing everyone she’s more than a pretty face.

She is a talented musician too. She was the actress featured in Imagine Dragon’s video “Radioactive” where she tried to save the underground puppet-fighting ring. She’s cool like that!

10. Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett most beautiful woman

This Australian beauty is a rare gem and she consistently makes “beautiful women” lists from various magazine every year. She is a gentle beauty and a talented actress who also directs theatre plays in Melbourne.

At 46 (the same age as J-Lo by the way), she still has a stunning youth and beauty to her. Along with being beautiful, she has received many rewards including Emmy’s and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

11. Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai prettiest girl

Aishwarya’s career began when she entered into the Miss World pageant in 1994 which she won. This got her into the Bollywood movie industry.

The 41 year old Bollywood star is one of the most successful females and celebrities in India today. Prior to winning the pageant, she did a few modelling assignments and television commercials.

She persevered and found her success. She has received countless awards in India as well as worldwide. The media often dubs her as the most beautiful woman in the world.

12. Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johnson most beautiful girl

Scarlett Johansson is unarguably the one of the prettiest woman alive and always on a list for being one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She started her career at a young age and is a model, actress and singer. She started as a child actor in movies such as The Horse Whisperer.

She eventually went on to play in Woody Allen movies which allowed her to show her talents at an early age. She is not only named most beautiful by many different magazines, but she’s got unlimited talent.

Final Thoughts

As we said earlier, this list is very subjective and we understand it misses some of the women that you find extremely beautiful. These women are not only genetically gifted, but they work very hard on their personal health and grooming to look this much attractive. Everyone should invest themselves into healthy regimes, if you are overweight then try hitting a gym and wear nice in fashion clothing and have some grooming routines.

Please feel free to let us know of your list in the comment sections. Also, please remain civil in comments.

A digital nomad, traveling the world while I work as a freelancer.

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  1. biruk says:

    i think there is no beautiful women on this world

    • Iyke nelson says:

      Comment Text* I think dear is

    • Daniel Jordan says:

      What a joke! Taylor Swift,? Lmao!!!

      • Paul says:

        How can yo say that
        Blue eyes
        Red lips
        Rosy cheeks
        Blonde hair you are definitely blind

        • Neil says:

          I see a lot of anti white talk on these threads!!! Women of northern European descent are very beautiful and are women of other races & ethnicities!!!

      • Merida says:

        I know right? Taylor
        Swift should be replaced with Selena Gomez.

        • Zoey says:

          Neither of them should make be on the list.

        • 𝙷𝚊𝚑 𝚆𝙴𝙸𝚁𝙳𝙾 😂 says:

          No Taylor swift should be replaced with Billie eilish:)

      • Delta says:

        Its subjective Daniel, I think she is stunning.

      • Pressman says:

        Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What is the instrument used to measure this beauty?

        • Nicholson Ross says:

          The true beauty is of the soul, and Taylor Swift has one. I for one hope to see it emerge one day. More people listen to her songs than Mozart’s and if that is not a reflection of a beautiful soul, what is?

      • Omg, she is beautiful and how can you say she’s not? people like you need to look within yourself and get to the root of your own self needs because Taylor Swift is not some ugly girl that is a ordinary chick. she’s talented sweet smart beautiful hard worker, loving, giving? Caring she was born with a gift from God, so she knows how special she is so next time you want to put down God’s children look in the mirror and think about how lowdown you are to put a good person down, that you have no reason to do in the first place I’ll pray for you that you get some kinda love in your heart for beautiful decent people that are what you wish you were.

        • epic bum hole says:

          talent and beauty have no correlation lmao

        • Sagar Patil says:

          Check this out
          1. Kelly Brook
          2. Monica Bellaucii

        • YourMom says:

          Calm down, sweetie, for crying out loud. That person you are attacking is also a Children of God. So, as an advice, I would tell you to go pray in your corner and let people alone.

        • Maggie O'Lear says:

          Thank you thank you thank you!! I was waiting for someone to say this! Taylor Swift is amazing. And even if she wasnt drop dead gorgeous-which she is-you shouldnt say crappy things like that about beautiful people. Thank you.

      • Uzair Sid says:

        Where is Amber Heard She is Very Pretty and Beautiful

      • Ramah Williams says:

        I agree! Not even close. This list should be titled Hollywood’s most beautiful. Not World.

    • Lonnie says:

      Well according to there piles which are all celebrities of some sort but come boy they are all very beautiful but i think there are much pretty ladies in our own neighbor hoods that aren’t recognized. God bless the not famous.

    • Mayur says:

      Why do you think like this. Come to India. You will change your thinking

    • Megan says:

      Me to we are all beautiful

    • Bampz says:

      Interesting how out of the top ten, there was no diversity of ethnicity or shapes~smh

      • lucy says:

        Not true. There are women from India, South Africa, Australia, America.

        • Riya singh says:

          Women in Indian subcontinents and middle East are much more beautiful than Hollywood actress .this survey should not be for entire world .

    • Tanya says:

      That’s not true… there’s me.

    • Tommy Parker says:

      Eva Longoria is the most prettiest woman in the world. Also Julie Chen of The Talk

      • MN says:

        Julie Chen has had a ton of cosmetic surgery. Google a pic of her before picture. You’ll think differently.

    • Talor says:

      Were all the Black and Mexicans

    • Mara Larke says:

      Everyone is beautiful, you just have to know where to find the beauty. PLEASE, if you don’t have anything nice to post just don’t post at all.

    • William Slater says:

      Everyone is beautiful, they should be able to find someone to love and appreciate them. Beauty is skin deep.

    • aShley says:

      Denied, i think everyone is beautifully in an unique way.

    • Relaxation says:

      Same bro I think there i no beautiful person. probably the most beautiful person in the world is someone you are married too, or someone that you love and you date with. So stop looking at these pages and go out there and find a mate you love.

    • ryan says:

      except for danny devito

    • CanonMan says:

      “I think there is no beautiful women in the world”?? “is no”? Ya mean “are no”, right? Why aren’t there any? Are you misogynistic? The “list” is only that – a stupid list of a subject that is totally subjective – – it’s akin to trying to list the best sounding speakers – you can’t, simply ‘cuz it’s all based on each person’s OPINION. I know you’re reply was four years ago, but it still applies. What a waste of time. We all know Salma Hayak (sp?) should be listed, as well as the stunning J’lo. We all know that, right? See what I mean?

  2. Camille Collins Lovell says:

    Um… there are only 2 women who are not white on this list… and no African women who surely are some of the most beautiful in the world.

    • Jack says:

      Lets not bring race into this kind of stuff. It really isn’t necessary
      To me skin color doesn’t matter.

      • Joe Palmer says:

        Yes it does matter , the most beautiful women in the world are from Ethiopia , Brazil & the U.S , have u felt a black woman’s skin & how their skin glows in the sun, look how beautiful & full their lips are, so many white women are getting lip & but injections fake tan etc….black women are so lovely at times they can be breath taking.

    • Joe Doaks says:

      We all prefer women in all colors. Sorry, that’s is just the way it is. We all have to live with what talents we have. And the older I get, the more I realize that beauty fades. But we are wise if we love other people and forgive them for their offenses. -Truly, this makes real beauty that shines in your face.

      • Swati says:

        Deepika Is the best as well as aishwarya.
        It is not necessary that only white are beautiful it is about their creativity and diversity.

      • Dre says:

        You mean YOU PREFER WHITE WOMEN. Please don’t speak for all men. There are many black women 100xs prettier than these women. Thank you very much.

        • Legend says:

          I respect the comment and I agree, But Scarlett Johansson, She’s up there no matter what the preference. Also the only one from the MCU.

      • Whitney Washington says:

        Mate that is not the case, not everyone prefers white women no, that’s what you prefer and only like my husband is white and he sought after me so don’t push your beliefs on the rest of the world

      • Stevie says:

        “We all have to live with the talents,” we’re born with, that shines in your face 😋

      • Canard Mort says:

        Dorothy Dandridge was never excluded from a list of top beauties.

      • Anya says:

        I actually prefer Korean women. I think they are gorgeous. As well as Indians

      • CallYouOut says:

        Not all of us. I agree. This is some unfair things – I mean, what about that one lady who played Nakia in Black Panther? She was awesome. why isn’t she on the list?

      • Gerard says:

        whaaat? !!!!
        I’m white and I don’t prefer white women.

      • Gloria says:

        You are so right. Once Bridget Bardot was considered the world’s greatest beauty. She did not age well. Actually she is frightened to look at.

    • Chris Claxton says:

      It’s show business and there has been AAW. On here before .. imo. Half of them are not qualified to be on here any how . Like the last 5 of them.
      But this does not have to turn in to a race thing .. grow up .. I’m sure these women were voted for any how so if you don’t like it vote next time.

    • Pratik P Patil says:

      Deepika Padukon and Aishwarya Rai are indians, there are south africans too though not black…

      • Sandy Sovie says:

        You need to go put your glasses on dude.Almost every woman on the list is from a differrnt part of the world.Smh.

    • jack says:

      WRONG! There are 3 Asian women in here (India is part of Asia) and 1 black also. So several on this list are not white. Indians are not white BTW.

  3. dawson phaomei says:

    generation by generation beautiful is endless

    • Daniel Jordan says:

      Jennifer Love Hewitt is still the most stunningly beautiful woman in the world,ten years running.

  4. CHERLL says:


    • Ahmed Raza says:

      If you have any suggestions to make please feel free to let us know of some of the prettiest girls. We already have included “Indian” “American” and some other nationalities, but we are open to add other ethnicities as well.

      • Who cares says:

        What about Kate Mara, I think she beats some of these girls.

      • Truth teller says:

        Ok so American, erm, what is that exactly? I’m British, so are u assuming I’m Caucasian? Face it whoever made this list just done a quick google search and picked out a bunch of random females that they personally found aesthetically pleasing and your magazine paid them (probably him) for there trouble. These kind of lists are all bull shit, at least the likes of FHM are voted for by the public are have a MUCH broader, and imo more accurate list. Clearly whomever devised this list on while on there lunch break has a thing for skinny white chicks.

      • juro says:

        Someone might say that it iss sad east Asian women were not on the list. other sad hearts from blm may miss African american women there. other people may miss Muslim, hijab-wearing women. politically correct liberals may require you to add transgender women on your list…
        You don’t need to ask for suggestion from complaining so sad people. It is your web so you decide who is on the list. CHERLL can create their own list of colour so she/he doesn’t need to feel so sad..
        greetings from central/eastern Europe, where men are still men and women are still women (and beautiful)

        • J says:

          1. That’s a lie if I’ve ever heard one. Yes, I’ve seen some very beautiful black women and I’ll admit, I’m a little jealous of them sometimes because I myself do not believe I’m all that beautiful compared to conventional standards (tan, gorgeous, sporty, etc) I don’t go calling them n***** then go get surgery to look like them. You forget some black women bleach their skin to look white.

          2. I do not tan my skin because I want to look beautiful. I do it because I have nothing else to do while laying outside in the pool in the dead of summer. Some of us want a fan because we think it will make men like us more.

          3. Most of us do not talk about fair skin anyway. I’m fair skinned myself (though not extremely pale, but my skin is sensitive to sunlight). Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common skin cancer among African Americans and Asian Indians. That’s only one type. The average annual melanoma rate among Caucasians is about 22 cases per 100,000 people. In comparison, African Americans have an incidence of one case per 100,000 people. All of us are susceptible to skin cancer cause we go outside. At least those of us that don’t live underground for our entire lives.

          4. Black women don’t always have better shapes. You clearly are blind because I’ve seen white girls, Asian girls, etc. with better curves and ‘more beautiful’ features than some black women. We all strive for better features because it makes us feel better about ourselves because ignorant men like you think all women need curvaceous bodies and drop dead gorgeous looks. Then you criticize us for not being pretty enough, not skinny enough, not curvy enough, etc. you judge a woman’s beauty based on her looks. Sweetie, that’s not the way it works. A truly beautiful woman if one who is beautiful on the inside.

          5. White women aren’t always hating on black women. I’ve had good friends that are black and I’ve never said a bad word about them in my life. Yes, I complain about some cause they walk around acting and looking trashy but most are teens. That’s what a lot (notice that phrase ‘a lot’) of teen’s do. I feel like they do that on purpose to get on people’s nerves. Make no mistake though, I complain just as bad, if not worse, about white women too. I’ve seen trashy white girls acting that like and worse too. I see it every day. So don’t you dare group us all in that category.

          6. The maker of this list doesn’t necessarily hate black women. Never said that.

          7. Not all of us white women are fake, trashy, plastic Barbie dolls that get surgery.

          8. You’re a Christian, right? Or you worship some type of God. Think of this. James 4:11-12 “Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it. 12 There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?” Exactly. Who are you to judge others? No one can. So be quiet. All of us our beautiful and no race is better than another because we are all God’s children and he made us all equal.

          9. Please go back to school. Learn how to use proper grammar and spelling.

          You must be one of those people who think they’re all that and a bag of Diamonds from your comments. People who don’t know God so know how to behave. Some just don’t do it. Also, that little snippet about punishments and hell? Are you saying they’d go to hell? You can’t decide that. You are God. Only God decides who goes to hell or not.

          So with all due respect, please be quiet.

          Thank you for making me in a bad mood.

      • Ethan says:

        Black women is the most beautiful hands down. They have better shapes…more beautiful features..when white women are getting surgery to look like them…Trying to get fuller lips, hips and tanning your skin. What that tell you. Accept the facts. Black women are the most beautiful women in the world and other women are color are also beautiful…and white people always want to talk about fair skin. When our skin can not even stand against the sun without getting skin cancer. You can call me n***** lover or whatever you want. It’s the truth. If you didn’t despise black people so much why are you always hating on them and trying to call them the n word then you want to make yourself look like them. Geez God made every race better in their on way

        • Anouk says:

          That’s not fair and there is no race, humans are humans the “race” is equal so no you can’t just say black women are more beautiful. Maybe that’s what you think but it’s not genuinely true and btw to me god does not exist but that’s another question and you can believe in him if you want to.

          • Oh says:

            U think god doesn’t exist!? Look God created this universe and plus us! If u think god isn’t real then I bet you that u don’t well behave because people who believe in god know what’s right to do and what punishment they get for it so there is also hell and heaven so if u think that way then u might change your opinion.

        • alley says:

          you are right…

        • DSoph says:

          Agree! My parents are black and beautiful. I feel offended that White peoples are considered the best.

          • Anthony says:

            I don’t see black people who are super beautiful 😍😍😍😍they need to do more research
            They should not consider skin colour as beauty
            There’s black beauty 😍

          • tonispanos says:

            Retreat to your “safe space” then. It’s a fact that most successful black men are with white women. Why? Because black women probably need to work up on their dress, actions, etc.

        • Demaric Robinson says:

          Dear ethan i read your statement about how you said black women are the most beautiful women in the world that’s a lie.if black women are so damm beautiful .why do they bleach there skin to look like a white women. because they know the world sees white women as the most people on the plant. like other race of women who is not black like halle berry, megan markle.and they are not black with one of there parents are white

          • Uneducatedscholar says:

            Well why do SOME white women get tans? Why do SOME black women or middle eastern women bleach their skin? Why do some asian women put white makeup on their face?

            To create a list of who is the most beautiful is in itself unfair. Nobody can decide who is more beautiful than the last because it is all subjective. I am astounded to even read some of these comments stating that one race looks better than another. It is purely opinion based. What kind of person has the right to say who is beautiful and who is not?

            Simply put, beauty is a form of attraction. A man (I am speaking in psychology terms so Keyboard warriors please hold your horses) is attracted to a woman because his basic instincts tell him that the girl should be able to reproduce with him and carry on the best traits. This is fact. The attraction is bred from Nature as well as Nurture. You are raised by your parents/caregiver or whatever to develop preferences based on your location (whether it be a strong woman to help the man on the farm or a smart woman to bring in the most income). Then there is nature which is more basic and says find a woman who can produce the most children and carry on the best traits.

            So how about everyone keep quiet and just accept everyone else’s opinion without saying they are wrong. Because with that exact mindset you are also wrong.

        • puppy378 says:

          amen to that beautiful speech

      • Norman Rothrock says:

        Jennifer Aniston ALWAYS BRO

        • KK says:

          FINALLY a normal gut FINALLY. There is so much posts of “Beautiful women” and Jen Aniston isnt there!!!

      • Bob says:

        Pretty clear that you are looking for glamour and not beauty…I am surprised that you did not truly represent the concept of beauty and what it represents. These lists are nothing more than what you might see in a tabloid magazine while standing in a cashier’s line at a market.

        • Opinions says:

          This article is about who has beautiful features or body, not having a beautiful heart. Of course, having a beautiful heart matters immensely if you want to be beautiful, but that is not what we came here for. If we had come to see who are the kindest people in the world, and then we would instead see beautiful or handsome men, then yeah, I would agree with you. But, that is not the point of this article. I think that all of these women. And by saying what you said, you offended the writer of this article. This person has feelings too!

      • Dre says:

        Ummmmmmm white women are not the only type of beautiful women. And the ones that you picked as beautiful are laughable. I’ve seen stunning black women just walking down the street 100xs as beautiful as these women

      • Na-Na says:

        Somali and Ethiopia women are so beautiful!!

      • Toti says:

        I suggest you change the title from “in the world” to “in my world”

        Taylor Swift??!! Come on??!

      • Riya singh says:

        If this result is on the basis of public vote then mostly Asian women must be in the list and Asian’s vote should matter just because they are Hollywood actress should not dominate in this survey .even in Indian subcontinent women are more beautiful than white women .

    • Paul says:

      Wow you really look at skincolor to define beauty?

    • Joe plamer says:

      Black women don’t age as much as white women as white women get older, their skin looks awful, they look older than what they are, the skin on black women looks silky & smooth at any age, to me they are also the best lovers too.

  5. RENGKAT IDI says:


    • Who cares says:

      …If we wanted to see the most beautiful men in the world. WE WOULD LOOK UP THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MEN, this is about women, AND WOMEN ONLY.

      • Anouk says:


      • Beautiful says:

        If you are looking for true beauty visit Africa , you will know the true definition of beauty…. We will give you variety

  6. Carlee V says:

    These lists are proof positive that all the propaganda in the world will not be enough to make people truly believe that African women are as pleasant looking as those with fairer skin. Why should we all have to tip toe around this truth?

    It’s like trying to convince people that pitbulls are equally as cute as Yorkshire Terriers. It’s not true, so why are you going to throw a fit when someone says so? Of course one can point out one or two instances where a pit bull is exceptionally cute looking, but

    A) it still doesn’t stand up to the exceptional Yorkshires and
    B) It certainly does not equate to pitbulls and yorkshires being equally cute breeds.

    That is life. Maybe it’s time to start coming to terms with reality, rather than pressing people into obediently telling you that the sky is green? Just a thought.

    • Logic says:

      What are you talking about? So you are saying black people are not pretty enough? Right….um we have plenty of unattractive white people in this world too. Just because this bias list does not have black women on it doesn’t mean that there aren’t lists that actually showcase beautiful black women.

      • Bey_fan says:

        Have they never seen Beyoncé or what?

      • Trufe says:

        Here’s the truth, most attractive people of african descent have caucasian in them somewhere!

    • John says:

      We develop our concept of Beauty instinctually and through what we are taught. Instincts tell us facial symmetry and hip to waist ratios and healthy skin and teeth and youth and etc makes someone physically beautiful. Women that have those features that we are instinctually attracted to are presented to us constantly in our media. But they are presented predominantly in combination with European features like blue eyes and straight hair and and thin noses and fair skin. Many times a day, from birth. So we associate beauty with European features. By the time we are adults we have a European standard of beauty in combination with the influence of women that we come in contact with in real life.

    • Cecil says:

      I am not sure what you mean but, there are the same amount of beautiful black women as there are oriental and Latina women, also Arab and let us not forget the trully beautiful woman , the mixed race, my Lord, they really are some of the best to look at, for example, black Vietnamese or Russian American, Guatemalan with Puerto Rican, anyways the list goes on and on those Pacific islanders are also up there and Hawaiian mixed race and so on. Ok the list has beautiful woman on it but you seem to be kissing ads to the rich, how about random women, our neighborhood is full of pretty young ladies.
      So you have a list of successful women, I could of did that. Go to work in the field, the planet is full of not known talent and beauty. The family members of rich people, that is just too easy to produce. All countries have beauty in them. America is a melting pot yet the list kind of looks vanilla to me. I am Dutch Puerto Rican, look white but my accent is there. I use to be good looking in my younger years, now at 51, well I am old but still represent. Happy New Year to you and all who participated in the list.
      Now make a new list of unknown women that are poor and beautiful, beauty had no money sign next to it.
      Cecil Voorhees from Springfield, MA.

    • dee says:

      And they they look like yorkshires. AFRICAN beauty we can’t compare it with dogs

    • Lala says:

      Beauty comes not from outside. I know many white people who are uglier than black women. You describe beauty is with white skin, big eyes, and blonde hair, perhaps. WOW! I can’t believe someone with such thought process still exists today. Yes, sky is not green and that’s the fact. Beauty is relative. You can’t compare them both together.

    • Mickey M. says:

      These lists are not propaganda, they only convey the personal taste of whoever made them. And whoever made this particular one (and we’re left in the dark about the identity) is no authority in this or any other matter. They don’t represent any ethnic, national, political, gender or anything else you can think of group! I don’t agree with any of the choices from this list as being a top ten beauty. But I’m not gonna get caught in arguing about this stupid stuff.

      Why does any of you believe this list is important enough to get angry or contentious about its choices???

    • cora says:

      Africans can have a strikingly beautiful, proportioned face and body. There are really beautiful women every where. But to be honest for some reason africans don’t look that great. White women face doesn’t seem always that fantastic but the look can be one of the best, even the not unusual ones have something really pretty though. Mongoloid have flat noses, not much of a variety of a eye so not sure if the beautiful look they give is one of the best or not-they look mostly like beautiful but not classic modern beauty, especially east asians. Never seen a classic sort of south east beauty except a kid who seemed to be with south east asian adults but don’t know them. Asian who are from middle-east, india seem to be the best overall in striking look though even their features aren’t that great and they don’t look as good or ethereal as white women but at times you think they look better than white women. Even the black, dark brown are really good looking in india, middle east such as having striking cheekbones or triple eyelids. But I could be biased by looking at the striking part of a women-like eyes, hair or look. I’m in england, around london and they are very attractive women from all parts of the world. This is how I would have judged then but now I find all types of women beautiful. Not sure if you should listen to what I say cuz I’m just a below average/average douchebag.

      • cora says:

        middleeast, india, etc . not only those 2 countries

        • Richard the Liohearted says:

          The most sensible statement made on this whole conversation was what John said above.

    • Sandy Sovie says:

      Depends on what your definition of “cute” is.Pitbulls are waaay cutier than yorkies.

  7. Ani says:

    Deepika Padukone is first!! I’m so happy for her, she’s ruling the world ❤ Most beautiful woman she is

    • Thisari Ranaweera says:


    • Anyoonymoose says:

      This is because this list has been created by a group where majority would have been Indians,even though she is beautiful but honestly there are way more prettier girls

      • Violet says:

        Lot other websites top her as the most beautiful, hon. Check it urself. Accept facts…

    • Harshvardhan says:

      Yes also feeling the same she deserves it no one in the world beat him she is unstoppable…

    • Swati says:

      Yeah I agree with you

  8. India says:

    Hmm deepika padukone? Katrina KAIF beautiful women in number one 🙂

    • money says:

      excuse me u Indians are not beautiful u all r doing surgeries but we Pakistanis are most beautiful and we have natural beauty

      • MM says:

        Neither Aishwarya nor Deepika have had any work done. Go work on your inferiority complex. Putting others down to make yourself feel good is not a good look.

      • cp9922 says:

        Pakistani men are gorgeous!!

    • Swati says:

      All the Indian women are beautiful either she is on no.1 or no.9

      • Swati says:

        Both the Indian women are beautiful either in makeup or without makeup I agree that Pakistanis art beautiful whole India agree with this but you can’t change the truth

      • Farmana says:

        On which earth r u living? Almost 80 percent of the Indian women are blessed with natural huge eyes with natural thick lashes and have smaller nose than Arab girls ok.. And have natural thick lips and most of them possess round face OK… Indian girls are natural beauties, most of the middle class girls I have met were looking lot more prettier than Bollywood actresses without a touch of makeup lol.. well I know clearly that most of the western girls are heavily relied on makeup… But Indian girls only apply kohl and lip balm..

  9. ann says:

    Song Ji Hyo is a south korean actress and model, she is one of the most beautiful asian actresses she should definitly be on the list

  10. Neelabja says:

    I think everyone women is beautiful in her own way….!!!😊😊😊

  11. raj says:

    Persians are most beautiful surprisingly none in the list ?

  12. Who cares says:

    Of course you guys would bring race into this, I don’t agree with a lot of these personally. It’s all a matter of opinion, that doesn’t mean it’s a race thing. You should get the full story before you accuse someone of something, your starting to sound like Americas justice system.

  13. Sean says:

    Where are the Asian women and black women? This clearly has the point of view of a white american.

    • Elizabeth Morris Jonson says:

      Asian and black woman is the most hard working people too!Are you think Tylor Swift can harvest the rice in the farm my grandpa???This celebrity is ugly as hell without makeup too! Lol

  14. Top 10 Lists says:

    Deepika Padukone is on #1, That’s Amazing. 🙂

  15. jaime says:

    alexandra daddario is the most beautiful woman of all time, EOS

  16. Your father says:

    Wait what ? Where the hell is Gal Gadot ????

  17. stephan says:

    I like all the images shown i asked for beautiful woman and that is what i got enough said

  18. sg says:

    Taylor Swift is very average. I see more beautiful people while shopping at the mall.

    • Mr. Houston says:

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. AQnd I think Taylor Swift is a dime, no doubt. And above average for sure. But not just because of her beauty on the outside but her stunning beauty on the inside! There are hardly any beautiful people period on the inside. But God bless you all. And I believe that EVERYONE is beautiful in there own way inside and out. Thank you. 🙂

  19. au naturel says:

    For an unbiased opinion on beauty..these or any other women should be presented au naturel…no make-up, no bodice, no push-up bras, no posing, pouting, no seductive looks, no silicone, yes smiling so that we see how the teeth show off

  20. Fred says:

    well turned into a race war quite quickly…Obviously white woman the prettiest..

  21. Linda Nathan says:

    Miranda Kerr, Kyle Minogue, The Kardasians when they were younger were very beautiful without a doubt
    Selena Gomez, Cameron Diaz when she was in her 20s was a stunner so many more & to many to mention

  22. Cornel says:

    Wow .. is beautiful

  23. Bey_fan says:

    I can’t imagine a list without Beyoncé

  24. Kalia Boiser-Gomes says:

    What about Priyanka Chopra, form Quantico? She’s beautiful!

  25. Hairaan khan says:

    This is your own made list ..
    this is Not the world pretty girls…
    I think you have’nt see the world…
    Because their is more than ten time pretty girls in the world ….
    Not only indian and american girls is beautiful….

    keeeeeep it your Mind….

    • Swati says:

      Yes she is beautiful I am also shocked that she is not in the list

  26. MILIND Wagh says:

    I think only one woman on the earth is very beautiful..And she is our Mother.

  27. rahul says:

    Haha Aishwarya is 9th. Lol. Aishwarya deserve no 1…check 1st and 9th then u find 9th no is most beautiful than no 1.


    The beautiful one are not yet born in world of ours

  29. niceguy says:

    Lets include fat girls so we don’t discriminate. Thanks

    • Jeff Blake says:

      A fat woman could be a beautiful person but not a beautiful woman

  30. Charles Simonot says:

    I myself find the most beautiful women are those whose eyes shine with that special piercing light ..that only shines in those that display kindness through golden hearts. Easy to tell at a glance that these need no makeup or glamour… unfortunatly the ten shown here are not really showing themselves to the camera.
    not too many Dolores Harts any more are there…

  31. Ruby says:

    Shailene Woodley. Not ugly but certainly not most beautiful and who the hell is she?

  32. Ruby says:

    What about Most Beautiful Non-Famous ladies? That people could submit photos of people they know that are very beautiful or more beautiful than very famous people?

  33. Anonymous says:

    No Aishwarya rai will born again because she is the most beautiful women of 21st century.

    • Noma says:

      None of them are beautiful,Please take a good look at Divyanka Prithathi and comment

  34. kumar says:

    all women are beautiful, outside but who sees the ugly inside

  35. Carl says:

    No black person ?

  36. Bob says:

    What an incredibly lack luster view of beauty…astounding to me! What you chose to do is look at glamour, it is clear that you have no idea of what beauty truly is, and should represent.

  37. Wim says:

    Ok take a picture of all these women without make-up and chose then who’s the most beautiful.

  38. Jamie says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . I think you should make your own list , submit it and see if they will put it up

    • Smartgirl says:

      My thoughts exactly. Some people consider big eyes prettier, I consider small eyes prettier. Some people consider blonde hair prettier, I consider black hair prettier. Some people consider Caucasian’s prettier, I consider Asians prettier. You can see where I’m going with this…

  39. Me says:

    I’m so very glad that all these women are REAL women that were born female . . . not some Kaitlin Jenner woman-wanna-be!!! To not have any Black women on this list only reflects where the list came from, not the true feelings of the citizens of ANY country or of ANY group of peoples. This list ONLY reflects the opinions of those who made the list . . . PERIOD!!!

  40. Rick says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If a person is not exposed to many different ethnicities they wouldn’t be able to comment on them.

  41. Norbert says:

    the real test is what they look like WO makeup

  42. Anonymous says:

    Amber Heard?

  43. Vicky says:

    Why is deepika no 1..she looks so average .where is angelina jolie,keira knightley,julia robrts ,sharon stone,beyonce .where are all the asian celebs?lol whoeva made da list only put down his favorites.

  44. Jason says:

    The most beautiful woman I have ever seen is a Japanese lady. These lady are beautiful but they don’t come close to this one beauty

  45. zef says:

    Ana De Armas

  46. Kumar Sanjay says:

    I think it’s right
    But Indian girls is more beautiful
    Under top 10

  47. Carlos says:

    I like black women like me,I do not see beauty in white women.
    I like chocolate colour.

  48. Violet says:

    U should’ve included black girls as well. There are many who are way prettier… Well, I’m glad to see Deepika.

  49. anonymous says:

    If your belief is that your women are more beautiful fine…..go tell God he created other women ugly….we all created in God’s image….i believe no one is ugly black or white………..

  50. Steve Goddard says:

    It’s quite interesting how some people are confusing visual attractiveness with beauty.
    Most of these women are visually attractive but I wonder how many are actually beautiful when you get to know them as a person, heart & soul, their beliefs and attitudes.

  51. Steve says:

    PS. Get all the make up off to see the real visual person

  52. Nabeel says:

    Where is priyanka chopra..are you blind😂

  53. Hawk says:

    You forgot FLOTUS! Luv Melania Trump!

  54. Raju says:

    I think Alexandra Daddario is most beautiful women in this list because she is looking so cute and desireable….

  55. Anonymous says:

    I don’t prefer white women.

  56. Juno says:

    Taylor Swift??

  57. narmendra says:

    My girl friend is better then all above.

  58. gizaw mekonnen says:

    i would like to marry from them

  59. Laila says:

    I’m the most beautiful women in the whole world ☺️

  60. watcho says:

    Pagal ho kabe ye Deepika kb se 1 ho gyee uski ginti to neeche see 1 hogi Puri duniya me.

  61. Jordan says:

    that’s a joke

  62. Pll fan says:

    All right. I’m just gonna say this straight. I don’t agree with this list, you know why? My problem isn’t race or whatever my problem is that in this world of so many Beautiful women, only the known ones were picked. How on earth do you know that these are the most beautiful. You could go to any country in this world and find someone much much more beautiful than even Scarlett Johansson, but no one seems to care. They only see the ones they want to see. I mean, the person who made this list just put the ones he or she thought were the most beautiful. But in all honesty, none of us have the same opinions regarding this list. Some people hate it some like it some think it is kinda okay some really love it and some would strangle the person who made the list. It might be because of race or of disagreement, but FACE IT PEOPLE! What you think is gorgeous someone thinks it’s hideous. No one has the same opinion all through with others.
    All you gotta do is just to ignore them. Let them believe what they wanna believe! If it’s wrong or right it’s their problem! Let them deal with it or suffer for it. This goes to everyone, do not waste your time trying to make them believe when they don’t want to! DO NOT WASTE YOUR BREATH!!! ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT YOU THINK WHAT YOU BELIEVE IS RIGHT!!! LET THEM BE.

    And onto the race thing, why are they indifferent we ask? We are all the same! We are all human, we all have faces, with guts, hair limbs, bodies, glands everything!!!! So why be racist? Just because of skin color? What is the skin compared to other parts?

    I mean why won’t you be racist about hair color or length, or about body shape are you curvy or skinny, huh? Oh oh what about lips? Do you have paper lips or plump lips?
    Because we all know that those are mixed among all races. But skin color, really?

    I personally believe that skin color is nothing, I’ve seen a black who’s skin color is like mahogany but OMG!! Her skin is so flawless!! So glossy and smooth with her curvy body and high cheekbones. She was so gorgeous but just because of her melanin someone could ad much as question her about it.

    See how jacked up the world is? I’m not being judgmental when I say this but I’ve noticed a lot of white celebrities getting surgeries to get bodily features that black women have. E.g lip fillers, butt works, boob jobs, tan skin and curvaceous bodies. The only thing is that most white women have better facial features than black women.

    And onto blacks now. As a light skinned black girl, I know all of this. Black people desire light skin a lot, black women in specific. You see, in the black community, light skin and long hair is much desired by the females, why? Because the men are attracted to light skin blacks more than the dark skinned, which is bull***. This really reduces their self esteem factor making them try to change themselves instead of improving themselves, and that is what I hate. Like my friend who is dark skinned, she has shown in many occasions indirectly that she was bitter about my melanin and therefore tries to compare I and her. I noticed this but always did my best to ignore this.

    My point is, in the two races, they want their appearances to be parallel. White women getting surgeries and tans and black women getting bleached. Why can’t everyone just be who you are and if wanted, improve instead of change, because from the changes I’ve seen that were made through surgeries and bleaches never ended well. E.g Michael Jackson.

    So people, let’s love ourselves for who we are and forget what other people think or say. I love myself the way I am and I would not have it any other way. I hope you all do as well, because, black, white, Asian, mixed or Latin, we were all created as one by God, and should remain that way.

  63. JohnB says:

    On this list I like 1, 6, 7 and especially 10 is SO BEAUTIFUL

  64. Fábio Rumão says:

    Natalie Portman and Natalie Dormer should be on the list!
    I have a thing with Natalies s2

  65. A Beautiful Black Woman says:

    Nope! Wrong! #GiveMommyHerPhoneBack

  66. Uma Shankar Pegu says:

    I love Dipika Padukon
    sHe is world no 1 beautiful women
    sHe was born in India

  67. Esther says:

    My Mom Is Alway Going To Be The Most Beautiful In The World

  68. Karo line says:

    African women are more beautiful than these whites

  69. Saima says:

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  70. Mary says:

    Ummm no. Kim Kardashian is more beautiful than all these women combined. Please lol

  71. Simon Templar says:

    Ava Gardner
    Hedy Lamarr

  72. Rohit says:

    Anushka sharma is the most beautiful women I have ever seen😍😘

  73. Thalia says:

    What about Jennifer Lawrence?

    • jj says:

      she couldn’t be in such a list because she is beautiful 🙂

  74. pavan jatt says:

    Add manusi chillar

    • Bill says:

      All of the women you have chosen are gorrgeous. However, if I had to choose the prettiest woman in the world, my choice would be Colombian model, Carla Ossa. Her features are exquisite.

  75. Graham Lucas says:

    All races of women can be beautiful – it just so happens that white women are in the media a lot.

  76. cora says:

    Anyway, in chinese face reading by joey yap, it says a women with moderately high and straight nose but can’t remember exactly what it said has a capable and talented husband. Too big nose was something like being too dominating and lonely at old age. Also if the nose is really good, then the girl marries a big boss. But not sure you can believe in joey yap. As his book claims that having the top of ear as high as highbrows means its good but if it is higher than the person is very intelligent. But I read somewhere online that having eyebrows higher than the eyebrows means criminal sort. So just saying not to bully ugly big nosed people.

  77. Adam says:

    All girls are beautiful in their own way.

  78. linda says:

    if you dont need much makeup thats true beauty

  79. Riaz Alam says:

    hahaha I think they did not know about Camilla Belle

  80. Ganjason Weedman says:

    I like the list,especially that india is on top.But it wud hav made more sense if asian and african were included…There r a million women who are more beautiful than those on the list.They just lack exposure.

  81. Pradeeep says:

    If Deepika is first in the row.than it is totally fake review chart.

  82. Wanzee Twotee says:

    Every single human being is beautiful, no matter how you look at them. God created you for you, and you are most certainly loved by the Creator. “Beauty begins the moment you begin to be yourself.” Y’all are beautiful out there, love yourself! ❤️ (Spread love, not hate. Peace out xx)

  83. Tig says:

    I believe that there is no such thing as ‘most butiful women’ because everyone is beautiful in their own way

  84. MINHAS says:


  85. MALIK MINHAS says:


  86. yogesh pal says:

    My favorite is Taylor Swift because she is a singer, model, actress, and a great women

  87. Audry says:

    It’s really difficult to bring all the beautiful ladies in just 10. All are beautiful in their own way and style. The inner person is the main to me.

  88. Rufina Cully says:

    Taylor Swift,Alexandra Daddario. ?Selena Gomez?Where?

  89. Tanmoy basak says:

    Dipika is lovely and most desirable actress in Bollywood and I feel so proud.

  90. jj says:

    Deepika is beautiful but as a man 🙂

  91. James says:

    Liza Soberano is the most beautiful Woman in the world

  92. Nathaniel says:

    Being famous doesn’t make you beautiful, some of the most beautiful women in the world can be found in any walks of life.
    One woman makes that whole list look ordinary, Bobby Peach from Portsmouth, if Rolls Royce made women she’d be top of the range. Her attitude, her looks – just incredible, if ever there was a perfect woman………
    And no ‘Bobby Peach’ is not her real name so no point googling it, but, she’ll know who I mean 😉

  93. M Blocker says:

    How can you ignore Cate Blanchett??? No botox, no surgery,no adjustment, she’s just Cate .wrinkles, crowsfeet and all. Such a beautiful woman. She’s special and perfect.

  94. TWilson says:

    Beauty lies within a people. In 40 years, these “most beautiful women” on this list will no longer be considered beautiful…think about that. Why are women of any color only beautiful when they are young and thin?

  95. kaleem says:

    but Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful actress in the world.

  96. Average Joe says:

    I think Scarlett should have been higher up on the list

  97. Philby says:

    1. Andrea Corr, 2. Nat Bassingthwait

  98. Jasp says:

    Beauty is not only defined from which colour our skin is or how full are lips are or haw long lashes we have or how dense our eyebrows are. Basically I want to say beauty doesn’t always mean how we look. We have to see how beautiful the person is from inside. Just SMILE AND You WILL BE BEAUTIFUL💞💞

  99. Anonymous says:

    To say this list os biased. and SO not correct is the Understatement of the century.
    I mean let’s push a aside the fact that African Women weren’t even given at least half a spot here,
    you missed out more beautiful celebrities.
    whatever happened to Meghan fox?
    whatever happened your Queen B?
    Whatever happened to Angelina Jolie?
    whatever happened to Selena Gomez?
    Whatever happened to Arianna Grande?
    whatever happened to Emma Watson?
    i strongly believe that whoever wrote this list, has been living under a rock!
    As for the sad comment on African women,
    I suggest u do your research.
    and before u compare, please strip off the makeup.
    You know make up looks better on white people because African women don’t necessarily need it.
    so what African women don’t have the long shiny straight glossy hair?
    the random colored eyes,
    the fair skin,
    the endless pointed defined nose
    the flat skinny body,
    So what?
    I say curly hair rocks!
    I say chocolate skin nails it!
    I say dark eyes are awesome!
    I say button noses are cute
    and I say curvy bodies are much more drool-worthy than sticks
    maintaining skinny bodies is tiring and frustrating.
    it’s of the reasons I praise celebrities
    I personally know African girls are more beautiful than the majority of the girls posted here.
    let’s not talk about Asians, the Koreans are very beautiful. Arabian girls, Indian girls like seriously
    they mustn’t have long legs for miles or high cheek bones.
    so who ever you are I suggest u do the right thing and right the wrong u just committed and have a do over!

  100. Lisa Moore says:

    The most beautiful women in the world is every woman in the universe. Never worrie about why certain women did not make the list and to the woman that made the list, please do not boost about it. You can be voted the most beautiful women in the world on this list, but not be on next year list. Can someone please explain that? Some women have surgery to enhance their beauty to attract men, some to get and keep a job and some just be accepted by society. I like to end my opinion just by simply saying; women and men were wonderfully created for GOD’S planned that my dear proves you are VALUE.

  101. Rose P. says:

    I think I’m beautiful and all my friends are, it’s called SELF ESTEEM? Heard of it? Guess what, we are all beautiful, you just need to open up to see it.

  102. Carlos says:

    I think the most beautiful women are mixed of Caucasian and black, followed by white women then African/African American Indians always boost about them having most beautiful women when truth be told that is not true, too long noses and they apply alot of face contour to make them look attractive, I go with white women

  103. Pooja says:

    If it is concerned with beauty then I believe disha patani is most beautiful and also Jennifer winget (although she isn’t a movie actress) ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  104. Barnabas says:

    and where’s Angelina Jolie and Emilia Clarke? u are a total joke

  105. Richard G Davis says:

    No “top Ten” list will please all. Enjoy beauty when you see and feel it. The opinion of others should not govern what you see or feel.

  106. mc says:

    men these women are beautiful ,but we should not lust over them

  107. Kimberly says:

    I think these people are beautiful and all that but they are not the most beautiful women in the world they’re many girls who are more beautiful out there but the problem is that they ain’t famous so people don’t know them that’s why they put these one #poweroffame

    • Elizabeth Morris Jonson says:

      Their look beautiful because of makeup! Theirs a lot of beautiful woman out there with natural beauty!That is all I can say

  108. nc says:

    Where is Amber Heard? XD



  110. Chinzae says:

    No one is beautiful there just because they’re all celebrities that’s the reason why you put them on that list. Check out for the most beautiful woman in the world of infinity beauty.

  111. marcelo says:

    Yeah right now black women in the list. So no beautiful black women. We will be making our list then. Most beuatiful black women in the world on Its better to say most beautiful white women in the world in the title

  112. justeic says:

    this whole page should be deleted beauty fades with age every woman is most beautiful in his lovers eyes

  113. JW says:

    Take off all the makeup and they all look average.

  114. Viking says:

    annalise basso is the most beautiful girl.

  115. Martin Marinov says:

    Where is Zendaya

  116. Amir saifi says:

    Alexandra Daddario is most beautiful and Aishweriya Rai
    She is very cute

  117. Kenyan Boy says:

    i totally disaggree with them

  118. akshat says:

    oh no there should be natasha malkova also

  119. Ro says:

    All these women are beautiful. Everyone in the world is. We just have different tastes.

  120. AllWomenAreBeautiful says:

    Where are all of the beautiful black, latina, hispanic, asian women?! There are only two brown women and the rest are all white!

  121. michelle says:

    candice is number 1

  122. Eden says:

    guys, anyone knows Kim Yoo Jung from Korea?
    I think she is the most beautiful, why does Scarlet Jorhansson is at the last position? it’s ridiculous.

  123. Zabi khan says:

    THey had forgot Shruti Hassan,Milla Jovovich,Elezebith Olsen,Mary Elezibeth Winstead,Margot Robbie,Cara Develign and the most ELLE FANNING, I LOVE HER.

  124. Greg says:

    outer beauty doesn’t count if you’re not beautiful in the inside 🙂

  125. john husar jr says:

    I don’t care what any one says Roseanne Barr is the prettiest women on the freaking planet.

  126. Vinayak says:

    Taylor Swift and Aish my favorite people

  127. Pihc says:

    They’re all pink on the inside.

  128. Rein says:

    Forgot Catriona Gray and Liza Soberano of the Philippines

  129. Brian says:

    The lack of diversity represented here takes us back 50 years. There are obviously American minorities that should have made this list without affirmative action (e.g. beyonce, serena, cassy, eva, nicki etc.). Take your L and Learn

  130. Erza says:

    These list are mainly based on their popularity and achievement that they done so far.we all know that we all are beautiful. Be yourself

  131. And, so, the earth gets warmer…

  132. Bts arny says:

    This aint right i mean where is ariana grande selena gomez duh??

    • Jiyu KIm says:

      I think EMMA WATSON is the most beautiful than Ariana grande

  133. Jeff Mathers says:

    This list has very little racial diversity.
    Shailene Woodley’s face is very average and her left eye seems like it’s taken a vacation to the north of her face.
    With a different haircut Deepika Padukone would be a man.
    Alexandra Daddario – I hope she has brains because there is nothing interesting about her face.
    Taylor Swift has a Tennessee overbite and a waffle house flat ass.
    Cate Blanchett needs a time machine to look better. Jennifer Lopez is the same age and looks 10 times better.
    Do the people who made this list despise melanin?

    • Mobboss says:

      I am sorry to break this to you but coming from someone who has traveled the world and worked in a industry where beauty matters let me tell you that the Majority of people do not find dark skin beautiful. In every country the darker you are the less beautiful you are considered. Cant get mad at the world for having preferences. Stop worrying about what others find attractive you cant change people’s preferences.

  134. Aaliyah says:

    Soo little diversity, but you know it is what it is? Honestly the most beautiful woman got to be Beyoncé or Gwenyth Paltrow. I do not know what the heck the girl from divergent is doing there! All the girls are pretty but she should not be on this list. Everyone but that indian chick from Bride and the Prejudice should not have made it.

  135. Justin Cooper says:

    Molly Parker should be on this list.

  136. Ken Turner says:

    I think the list is subjective. My list would include only 2-3 of these ladies!

  137. Nikhil says:

    How Deepika is in the list ..

  138. LeeMinlu says:

    Oki all these women are unarguably stunning, and I think every girl is beautiful, but someone who truly deserves to be on this list is obviously………………………………………………………………Min Yoonji!!

  139. Greg says:

    Emily Ratajkowski 100 percent

  140. Dchavez says:

    Yes they got it right! To be the most beautiful woman in the world. You have to have beauty within, out and who you are and how you carry yourself as a person.

  141. Anuj mudgal says:

    remove no 1 and no 9 add emma watson and kristen stewart

  142. Beautiful says:

    And the next time you are compiling such a list don’t say “world” instead you should say “Hollywood” don’t belittle the world with your choice of beauty …there’s so much beauty in the world you can’t even begin to imagine

  143. LeAna says:

    Tyra Banks should be on here

  144. W. Conway says:

    I would pick my wife over any of these although she wasn’t a model or movie star but gorgeous she was.

  145. Purnima says:

    Where is Monica bulluchi n Angelina Jolie . Except Candice , Elizabeth n aishwarya no one look that beautiful to be come most beautiful women . Even aishwarya looks so old n not that charming now . This is so biased even this list don’t have Asians face from China Korea, or nor even African beauties

  146. Vi Oh says:

    Taylor Swift? Kate Upton? Candice? I agree that Deepika, Scarlett and Cate are gorgeous but only Deepika should make it to the most beautiful in the world. Research needs to be redone but tbh, everyone has their own definition of beautiful.

  147. Daniel Moore says:

    I think Halle Berry should be on that list

  148. Robert says:

    MARIYAN PASHAEVA is more beautiful than any of these women

  149. Zandile says:

    South African women’s are too far beautiful than this List .where is Beyoncé to this List ? Come on guys don’t bring your own imagination Alive

  150. Riya singh says:

    According to west entire world is USA and white people.they can’t think beyond that.every time they do such nonsense survey and put maximum white people in the category of most beautiful most handsome .so selfobssessed .even in India max actress are much more beautiful than Hollywood actress and they are doing great but we are not overconfident like them.evey country has different type of beauty and everyone should accept that .

  151. Komal says:

    We have no right to judge anyone
    Inner beauty is more important instead of outer

  152. Monica says:

    My list is:
    Sofia Carson
    Dove Cameron
    China Anne McClain
    Malina Weissman
    Peyton List

  153. Divid says:

    This is a joke, Scarlett Johansson? Really? Nope sorry as with most of these celebrities not even in the top 100, will give Aishwarya Rai a tick for potential top 10 though

  154. Prapti says:

    Deepika and Aishwarya are very deserving for this list after all they are the beauty of India …..i felt a little bad when i didn’t see one of the most beautiful actress in the whole world- Emma Watson ,she is so beautiful and i am sure that her character in Harry Potter took place in all our hearts

  155. Prisa says:

    Lol they all are average looking girl. How can deepika be included here? If you have to chose one from India, choose Sridevi or Manisha Kairala.

  156. Sherry says:

    Melania Trump is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen no matter what you think of her husband she is a beautiful woman

  157. Claire Amm says:

    Where is KATIE PERRY ??? I did not see her on Pretty Woman ‘s top 30 either ?

  158. Vasant jain says:

    I think ashwarya rai bachan is most beautiful in this list she should come first

  159. Thomas Woolum says:

    I pick Tosha Nicole Wharton of Richmond, Indiana, the girl that used to work with me as a McSherr taker as the #1 Prettiest Girl in the World for 2020…

  160. Thomas Woolum says:

    I pick Tosha Nicole Wharton of Richmond, Indiana age of 29 as the #1 Prettiest Girl in the World which will happen in 2020 which was born Tosha Nicole Crawford in 1990…

  161. Johan de Willer says:

    Charlize Theron is not Afrikaner. She is AN Afrikaner. Or you could say she I Afrikaans. As a more than proud South African myself, this I know this stuff.
    And another bit of two cents, Cara Delevigne should also be on this list.

  162. Samuel Jones says:

    Can you people just agree that there can be attractive white women, asian women and black women?
    It’s all just based off preference and clearly most of the people on this website think that they’re race. Some people have tried to calm down others and are interrupted by people saying that ‘black people are better’ or ‘white people are better’ because everyone is looking kind of racist by saying that the other skin colour is less attractive.

  163. puppy37 says:

    why aren’t there men and women involved in this im a girl and i would like it to be easier to see the beautiful or handsome men and women in the world on the same site pls

  164. Alex O says:

    What about Melissa Benoist and Gal Gadot?

  165. Haris Bukhari says:

    My Girlfriend is the most beautiful and gorgeous lady in the world.But she F***** me at all.We breakup already but still truth is truth guys.

  166. Noah says:

    I think that they all deserve to be on the list but they should not put this title, “10 most beautiful in the world” because I know that there is people just as pretty. Without the title then they are all beautiful. As are all of the worlds population. We just don’t know it yet… so don’t count them off.

  167. Yashika says:

    No one is Beautiful by there face they are beautiful by the heart ♥️♥️or soul of the body

  168. Bunty says:

    Aishwarya was is and will always be a most beautiful women in the world.

  169. ANIGA says:

    beautiful women is everywhere, I seen them on my own eyes in India, Somalia, East cost and mid east of United State, South America and many more place I have never being. one only need to be open minded and appreciate beautify, Life is short!!!!

  170. Nazar says:

    Lol…you haven’t met my wife😅😅

  171. Tamaya says:

    Try to See beauty in everyone soon you will find that everyone is beautiful in their own way… ❤️ ❤️

  172. Stephen says:

    Fact number 1, they factored in “success” which has absolutely nothing to do with beauty..also if the focus is on “diversity” then the focus is not on beauty, then what are we doing here?..I highly doubt a straight male made this list.. Kate Upton has big babos but, that’s about it..the list is so, so weak..old ass Jennifer Connelly is hotter than all of them..Jessica Alba, Ariana Grande, the slutty daughter off modern family, even pineapplebrat off instagram..this is comment bait at best..

  173. VINOD MISHRA says:

    The most beautifull is the one whome I love more then my life.

  174. Ahmad Mujtaba Hofiani says:

    The important thing is our vision. If we don’t have a beautiful vision, we will never see the beauties.
    Ahmad Mujtaba Hofaini Kabul Afghanistan

  175. freddy zwane says:

    I personally still think J.lo tops the list

  176. Jarman says:

    Beauty is of heart soul and mind not of face

  177. valery says:

    all of them are truly beautiful

  178. Momo says:

    This matter is truly subjective. Some people like short hair; some people like long hair. Some people like black eyes; some people like blue. ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is a good saying. Beauty can sometimes be a guile. However, I must say, to me I like people with these:
    Wavy long golden hair
    Big round seafoam-green eyes
    Fair, smooth light skin
    A thin face with a small nose
    A tall appearance

  179. Gabe says:

    I think that Charlize Theron,Candice Swanepoel,Katherine Elizabeth Upton, and Scarlett Johansson should be on the list.

  180. Farooq Rashid Butt says:

    Woman is the reason of beauty of this universe

  181. jerry says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, all women are beautiful . Some are judged differently, reason being, different people are looking at them. Don’t judge what you dont understand.

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