Top 15 Small Medium Business Ideas That You Can Start This Year

Top small medium business ideas are defined by their vision. In this case, the vision of a business idea is what presents and explains the entrepreneurial process from the moment an idea is conceived until the new business unit is introduced on the market.

A business idea; therefore, is a framework intended to sharpen your senses towards entrepreneurship. This post aims at being both educational and a source of inspiration. What you should know is that a business idea is a concrete business venture and not a societal perspective.

Top 15 Small Medium Business Ideas

  1. Software Training

This is an exceptional business idea for someone who is highly specialized in software. You can start software training sessions that may lead into the development of a training institution. This way, you will be able to earn while passing knowledge and skills to people who are not skillful enough and professionals alike.

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the latest normal in the world’s economy. According to a landmark survey carried out by Edelman Berland (Independent Research Firm) and bespoke by Upwork and Freelancers Union, more than 53m Americans are freelancing. Based on the projections made with respect to the US, the numbers represent 34% of the American workforce. According to Forbes, the above stated figures are expected to hit 50% by 2020. Following are some of the places where you can begin your Freelancing work at almost no cost.

  • – Fiver is a community platform where service providers offer their services at $5 dollar.
  • – Elance is for mature and established service providers as well as rookies can join.
  • – is similar to that of Elance with larger audience pool and more work opportunities.
  • – It is for seasoned and experienced freelancers. They also conduct regular events and workshops.
  • Craiglist – it is a classified site, but if you prefer local part time jobs, you can try them.
  • Peopleperhour – It is very clean and tailored service for experienced freelancers, you can provide design, development, content writing services.
  • iWriter – it is a great source to find clients who require regular stream of content writing work.
  1. Mobile Consulting

Mobile technology is a must have knowhow for any business in its developing stage. Most businesses; however, find it challenging to become accustomed with mobile tech. individually, you can provide mobile solutions for such businesses at a price. Jamie Turner (the initiator of the 60-Second Marketer), has projected that there will be increased need for mobile consulting/ assistance.

  1. Virtual Assistance

This is one of the most unique small medium business ideas. Unlike other opportunities, you only need to have the following to get started: reliable internet connection, a personal computer and working website. This opportunity is particularly important for people with experience in administrative work. As a virtual assistance, you can work remotely to meet your manager’s expectations via the Cloud.

  1. Blogging
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You can view blogging from a couple of angles. Firstly, blogging is a business opportunity that you can pursue to create blogs for websites. Secondly, as a small business you can use blogging to get more lead growth of up to 126%. Blogging is really rewarding when done right, it does not require too much of resource to invest into this and with hard work of few months from with in your home you can earn a lot, this success story of, where he earned $16,000 dollars in September 2015, will inspire you to start your own blog. Following are some of the platforms where you can start your blogging career.

  • – It is very easy to understand blogging platform. You can either host your site on their server freely, or purchase a domain and hosting and start your own site instantly.
  • – It is blogging platform provided by Google. There are hundreds of thousand of freelancers using service to fulfill their passion and earn some money as well.
  1. Home Day Care

You can always work from the comfort of your home by opening a home day care. Some people may find it challenging because of the licensing issue. However, not in all residential areas you will need to have a license in order to conduct a day care. Instead, you should prove your worth by offering outstanding day care services.

  1. Computer Maintenance

This can be an entirely new business idea for most people. With the current technological developments, most people are known to pursue careers in computer hardware and software. Instead of waiting for a six-figure job to show up, you can always open a computer maintenance shop. Examples of services you can offer include: printer hookups, software downloads, desktop cleanups, and software installation among others.

  1. Food Vending

If you are talented in preparing certain food types, such as birthday cakes and wedding cakes; then you have a business opportunity to hunt. All you need to do is make some inquiries about the Food Handler’s License from your local government. You can check this with your county clerk’s office and the health department. Alternatively, you can vend food under an established and licensed business.

  1. Baby Products
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This is a sure money spinner business opportunity for anyone. You can always start with inexpensive baby products, such as toys and reading materials. According to stats and facts presented by ‘The Statistics Portal, baby products have larger demand. Therefore, your small baby product startup will pick up within the least time possible.

  1. Contracting Opportunities

Contracting is an outstanding business opportunity for skilled workers with the intention of becoming independent contractors. According to CNN, this is the year in which most people are seeking to buy their own homes. This means that they will need more contractors, particularly independent contractors to improve the conditions of their homes.

  1. Holiday Homes (Homestays & Villas)

Based on the statistical findings of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, there has been a significant increase of holiday homes with respect to the number of tourists. You can always transform your rural home into a holiday home and start a well-paying business.

  1. Mobile Salon & Barber Services

Young men and women have the strength and time to visit barber shops and salons to get their hair done, but senior people do not have such strength. Therefore, talented individuals should take this opportunity and establish mobile salon and barber shop. This business will definitely pay off and you will be doing seniors a favor.

  1. Translation Services

The increased cross-cultural business relationships have led to an increase in cross-cultural communication. As a result, the need for translation services has significantly grown over the years. You can come up with your own firm for offering translation services. The procurement of translators is expected to increase by 46% by 2022 (as stated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook).

  1. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services involve a large network of cleaning activities, including cleaning store windows to commercial cleaning services. You can come up with your own cleaning services startup by engaging a franchisor and employing their system of doing things as far as cleaning services are concerned.

  1. Property Management

This is a great small business opportunity for a person who is residing in an area with a large number of absentee property owners. You can develop a simple office within the vicinity and set a base where property owners can drop in for updates regarding the state and condition of their properties. All you need to do to make this work is be convincing. Try as much as possible to expound the need of a property manager to the property owner.

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