World’s First Treehouse Township in Singapore is About to Open for Nature Lovers

Those who wish to experience nature and wildlife from a bit closer, will have to wait until 2023, since Mandai Resort, Singapore is about to offer a rejuvenating deal to the nature and wildlife lovers.

Totally unconventional, 24 seed pod-shaped treehouses will be opening in Mandai Resort to make your holiday a remarkable experience. The project was first announced in year 2017, which was set to feature 338 rooms, of which 24 will be treehouses.

It is a true chance for someone who wants to get out of the hustle and bustle of a stressful city routine, and explore the mountains, parks, lakes and different shades of nature. The treehouses will be the main attraction, as it will be an experience to live in a stunning small treehouse township nestled amidst beautiful trees of the resort. The best thing is that the seed-like teahouse pods will be elevated several metres above the ground to allow guests to have the undisturbed view of the local wildlife. While there are a lot of extremely cool looking treehouses around the globe, this one will stand out tall among all.

The eco-friendly resort with 338 rooms (including 24 seed-shaped treehouses) is to be run by international hospitality brand – Banyan Tree Holdings Limited. They are already known for developing the most attractive resorts, hotels, residences, spas and golf courses in more than 25 countries of the world. The exterior design will be of Local firm WOW Architects.

The resort will make your living experience more refreshing with its natural ventilation system and energy solar panels. So if you love living green, it is a place totally meant for you.

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If we talk about the interior design of the rooms, it will be inspired by native flora and fauna of the location. Rooms will also feature blinds instead of curtains so that guests can choose to leave their windows completely open, and enjoy natural air-conditioning through windows while sleeping.


In short, the interior and exterior both will showcase the biodiversity of Mandai that you will love to the core as a nature aficionado.

Mr Mike Barclay, Group CEO of Mandai Park Holdings says,

”With more opportunities for overnight stays in future, we hope to create even more immersive experiences that will bring families and friends closer to nature and wildlife. It is our goal that all our guests leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the biodiversity around us”.

Picture credits: Mandai Holdings

The resort is already in the travel bucket list of many tourists, for the reason they can have easy access to all the famous parks of the location, including New Bird Park, Rainforest Park, Eco-Lodge Park, River Safari and Night Safari. People who have a special connection with Mother Nature can also enhance their botany skills visiting the Education Centre.

The true motive of the resort will be to promote environmental awareness, sustainable living and conserving biodiversity among guests. They will be encouraged to reduce energy and water consumption in their rooms. They also will be taught to practice recycling, by disposing their food waste responsibly, and to be respectful to the surrounding plants and animals.

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